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Read Me

This package provides the X.Org X11 driver for Wacom and Wacom-like tablets.
It obsoletes the linuxwacom driver and supports X server versions 1.7 and
higher. Server versions lower than 1.7 may be supported by this driver, but
users are encouraged to use the old linuxwacom driver instead.

Information about building this driver, configuration and general use is
available on

Since this driver is an X11 driver only, a kernel driver is required to get
hardware support. If the kernel driver is older than this driver, some
features may not be available.


    $ ./ --prefix=/usr
    $ make

Adjust the prefix according to your local setup, in most cases, a prefix of
/usr is correct.


    $ ./configure --prefix=/usr
    $ make

Adjust the prefix according to your local setup, in most cases, a prefix of
/usr is correct.


Please surf the HOWTO pages at
to find the proper options if the default building environment doesn't work
for you.


Developers, please surf the DeveloperPages at
to find more information on how to contribute to this driver.



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