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  • Excellent - worked first time for Intuos Draw.

  • Good support

  • I thought I would add my 2 cents, especially since the earlier guy who claimed to be a computer scientist had so much trouble he gave up. I have been using my Wacom Bamboo Fun on Linux since I bought it. It actually works better on Linux than it did on Windows and I have never had to install a driver, it was already installed by the OS. I've used it on Ubuntu, Mint and for the past couple of years I've been using Arch. Just plug it in and it works. I've had to adjust settings for the sensitivity but that was easy. At least for my device, the Linux Wacom Tablet Project ROCKS!

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  • Thank you for your work! Tuck and go. Small Intuos 480 from Hungary. The buttons are unfortunately difficult to initialize.

  • Plug in my wacom cintiq 12wx and everything just works. It recognizes what tablet I am using and everything. My only compliant is mapping the buttons, I wish mapping my buttons was graphical like mapping the buttons on the pen is. Setting up the buttons takes some trial and error if you don't know what buttons correlate to what numbers. plus you can't just set "Ctrl", "Alt", or "Shift".

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  • Well I'm just a dumb yardie whose been running linux since slackware 95 and I found this software excellent. I am running arch linux and simply installed the package restarted X and everthing worked on my new "intuios pen and touch". Even easier than on my mac. Great work guys thank you for all your efforts.

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  • First, let me say that I am a computer scientist, software developer, and enterprise architect who has been using Linux (and AIX, and Solaris, and HP-UX, and IRIX) on servers for nearly 20 years. My advice on this: don't waste your time! If you want to use a digitizer tablet (or other obscure hardware), just buy a PC or Mac. After many wasted hours of trial and error, sifting through conflicting instructions, I finally got everything built and installed only to find out that it hosed my entire Ubuntu install, requiring a complete reinstall of the OS. No support, no advice, no luck...I'd say you get what you pay for but I already paid for a tablet and now it seems I'll need to pay for a Windows OS to use it! *sigh* I'll give it two stars since it seems to have worked for a couple of people.

  • Linuxwacom works perfect.

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  • Amazing! linuxwacom Thanks!

  • Amazing job. Thanks all You Rock!

  • terrific program

  • Great work! Thanks guys!

  • Great work! Thanks to the developers!

  • Works for CTH-470 in Ubuntu 11.10. Thank you very much for your work.

  • Awesome work! Thanks so much

  • very good project

  • Incredible work!

  • This driver is absolutely wonderful and I makes my tablet fun to use!

  • With every release, my bamboo fun pen and touch gets a bit more usable.

  • Took a little fiddling around to get my new Intuos4 tablet working, but now it's working great!

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