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353 Xsetwacom treat QWERTY key when using XtestFakeKeyEvent on AZERY keyboard new 2017-12-04 linuxwacom (legacy)  
352 Acer IWB (Waltop 172f:0056) recognized but not functional new 2017-11-19 xf86-input-wacom  
351 Support "Pro Pen 3D" open Jason Gerecke 2017-11-09 third-party  
350 Intuos Manga (CTH 480 S2) detects wrong button open 2017-11-10 third-party  
349 touchscreen stopped dragging with finger new 2017-11-30 libwacom  
348 libwacom too eager to tag everything as tablet new 2017-10-04 libwacom  
346 Impossible to draw a line in online image editor, if integrated Gestures is disabled new 2017-12-08 xf86-input-wacom  
345 ExpressKey Remote support - 2 - evtest working new 2017-11-30 xf86-input-wacom  
344 --list modifiers not correct, can't set key pending-fixed Jason Gerecke 2017-09-15 xf86-input-wacom  
342 ExpressKey Remote kernel bug open Aaron Skomra 2017-11-17 input-wacom  
341 When pressing eraser button, cursor jumps to external screen new 2017-09-18 xf86-input-wacom  
340 13HD cintiq eraser on stylus behaving like tip. new Ping Cheng 2017-07-20 xf86-input-wacom  
339 Lenovo pen upper side button state not tracked out of prox open Jason Gerecke 2017-11-10 xf86-input-wacom  
338 abnormal pressure / bad strokes on Lenovo X1 Yoga AES pen new 2017-11-17 xf86-input-wacom  
337 Xorg hangs for about 20 seconds when I turn off Cintiq 22HD. pending-fixed Ping Cheng 2017-09-15 xf86-input-wacom  
335 Wacom HID 4822 and Wacom HID 4824 touchscreens behave like mouse (no pitch to zoom, no gestures, so scrolling, etc.) and report non-existing battery pending-fixed 2017-08-10 input-wacom  
331 Kernel mistakenly creates joystick devices for pads new 2017-06-12 third-party  
327 Stylus Buttons are not recognized correctly on Lenovo X1 Yoga open Jason Gerecke 2017-08-02 xf86-input-wacom  
323 wacom resume problem Thinkpad Yoga14 new 2017-01-20 xf86-input-wacom  
306 Thinkpad helix: Wacom Styles works only for short time, then throws “invalid serial 0” new 2016-02-20 input-wacom  
292 Default value of rawsample is too large for touchpads new 2015-12-04 None  
280 Input filtering on Intuos S new Jason Gerecke 2015-12-04 None  
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