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308 xsetwacom exit status should not always be zero new 2016-02-02 xf86-input-wacom  
306 Thinkpad helix: Wacom Styles works only for short time, then throws “invalid serial 0” new 3 days ago input-wacom  
303 xsetwacom can't parse its own output pending-fixed Jason Gerecke 2016-01-26 xf86-input-wacom  
301 Touch input behaves oddly with pen in range / disabled when leaving range pending-fixed Ping Cheng 2016-01-20 input-wacom  
300 Touch input disabled if a pen enters/leaves range without entering prox pending-fixed Ping Cheng 2016-01-20 input-wacom  
299 Wrong report ID used for pen ID with Intuos Draw tablet pending-fixed Jason Gerecke 2016-01-08 input-wacom  
296 2-finger touch Bamboo 0xD0 missing the "lowres" quirk pending-fixed 2015-12-08 input-wacom  
294 Wacom Bluetooth Keyboard mistakenly bound to xf86-input-wacom driver new Jason Gerecke 2015-12-04 xf86-input-wacom  
292 Default value of rawsample is too large for touchpads new 2015-12-04 None  
290 Touch Scroll and Zoom effect is inverted with "Natural Scrolling" active in KDE new 2015-12-04 None  
280 Input filtering on Intuos S new Jason Gerecke 2015-12-04 None  
271 Bamboo Pad CTH-300 no touch until click new 2015-12-04 None  
255 kernel driver may crash if sysfs accessed durring disconnect pending Jason Gerecke 2016-01-14 None  
250 Rotation resolution not reported from X or kernel open Jason Gerecke 2015-12-10 xf86-input-wacom  
231 Add HasAbsWheel and HasRelWheel tags open Jason Gerecke 2015-12-04 None  
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