#610 More Tool Bar Buttons


Please could you add more tool bar buttons? This
would make the program a lot more easier to use and
probably faster to use.

I realise that depending on the size of the window
i.e. size that the application occupies on screen
(some may not like maximised all the time), then
space for every possible button may be a problem.
Either the end ones (extreme right) get 'truncated'
(could be the less used ones?) or in the 'Tools'
> 'Options' maybe the user could choose which buttons
they would like.

Another alternative would be to allow a double row of
buttons. There are numerous ways this could be
implemented from a User Interface point of view and
therefore I do not wish to be prescriptive by making
any of the aforementioned suggestions.

The program does a really good job and apart from the
above, then I am perfectly happy with it and would
certainly recommend it to anyone.

I like the backup plugin because a 'save' will write
to two backup stores and even ignore an unavailable
drive. I like this because I have KeePass mounted on
a laptop and a flash drive and so it is possible to
keep the database synchronised across both my laptop
and the flash drive.

Many thanks for an excellent program.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2006-01-07

    Logged In: YES

    Which Toolbar buttons do you want?

    cheers, Paul

  • nylg

    nylg - 2006-01-13

    Logged In: YES

    I feel that it would be useful to have the following
    toolbar buttons and they are listed in some sort of order
    in terms of implementation preference as it might be
    difficult to add all of them (but as mentioned before -
    the user could specify via tick boxes under say options):
    Perform Auto-Type
    Open URL(s)
    Add Password Group...
    Add Password Subgroup...
    Move Group One Up
    Move Group One Down
    Print Preview...
    Move Group One Left
    Move Group One Right

  • T. Bug Reporter

    T. Bug Reporter - 2015-12-27

    This is similar (or at least, related) to this Feature Request, and if and when that one is implemented, it'd probably be easiest to also implement this one at the same time.


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