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  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2014-12-14

    Update 6/24/2015:

    Google sent a "removal notice" and pulled KeeForm from the Chrome web store.

    Dear Developer,

    Your Google Chrome item, "KeeForm (Ext)," with ID: dpffnckidpfhjjfpejekljcbjlpihopl did not comply with our program policies and was removed from the Google Chrome Web Store.

    The Program Policies can be found here:

    They did not mention anything specific but it is probably related to

    As said already there has never been any malware in KeeForm. See also below.

    For the time being I have to put this little project on hold. I don't expect any quick resolution. If somebody has an idea how to resolve this quickly please send an email.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Obviously I have not added any Trojan/Virus to KeeForm. However it is not feasible to be 100% protected against hackers/hacks, so you should treat any warnings seriously (no matter how unlikely). BUT

    AV alerts about KeeForm are usually "false positives"

    caused by "bad AV heuristics", see also

    Since KeeForm for Chrome is still kind of "fresh" it might take some time to get whitelisted by all AV vendors.

    Here is the current AV status

    Please report any false positives to your AV vendor (but only after checking the checksum first!).

    Thanks for testing, Beta test has ended :-) Everything seems to work.

    Installer checksums:

    md5 94a7cc697c4d37c6e6c1493b00464bea
    sha1 9798f8eb093cc57cc3419b14d1ec93825b633c8d
    sha256 9c9283ed1cafe66715ff2ccecf94b133c93a980edb2ffc6b4e81340501482120

    I am working on "KeeForm for Chrome". If interested in joining a beta test, please send an email and let me know what Windows version you want to test on. I will send the KeePass add-on (Windows installer) via email. I might not be able to respond to all emails ...

    Best, Dave

    Last edit: KeeForm 2015-06-24
    • Carlos Carmona

      Carlos Carmona - 2015-02-22

      Hello Dave,
      I am interested in "KeeForm for Chrome" but I can't find the source code to do my security check. I have been checking the extension directory \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\dpffnckidpfhjjfpejekljcbjlpihopl\1.0.0_0, but the javascript code was obfuscated. Please tell me, did you release this extension as open source, (as the rest of the keeform project)? Thanks in advance.

      • KeeForm

        KeeForm - 2015-02-23

        Yup, you can grab the source code from the extensions folder. Nothing is obfuscated/minified (except for the jQuery library).

    • Yoshitaka Goto

      Yoshitaka Goto - 2015-09-07

      For the time being I have to put this little project on hold. I don't expect any quick resolution. If somebody has an idea how to resolve this quickly please send an email.

      Has there been a resolution yet? Can I still use keeform with the current version of Keepass (2.30)? Since you said there are no problems, we can still use it right? The only problem is that the chrome web store won't list it, right? Why did you decide to stop working on it?

  • Larry

    Larry - 2014-12-27

    Hello Dave,

    I just might be interested in testing "KeeForm for Chrome". I run Win7 and win8.1 at home and I also have Win7 at work.

    I just posted a patch for the windows version of KeeForm 2.02 for the "80010108" (The object invoked has disconnected from its clients) in one of the SourceForge forums:

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2014-12-29

    Hi Larry,

    You can download the beta at

    You don't have to manually unzip and copy the files anymore, just run the KeeForm Windows installer.

    Unfortunately Chrome doesn't have any "COM" interface like IE, so you have to install an Chrome extension as well (that extension/app only waits for KeeForm messages and doesn't do anything else).

    Hope it works. I have been using it for a while already ;-)

    Best, Dave

    PS thanks for the patch, I will look at it after the holidays.

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-01-17

    Thanks for testing, Beta test has ended :-) Everything seems to work.

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-01-21

    One user asked about the Chrome App permission "can exchange data with any computer on the internet". It sounds a bit like "has full network access" and honestly that would also make me nervous.

    But fortunately that is not the case.

    The permission (technical term "sockets:tcpServer:listen") only allows to accept new connections. It does not allow to connect to anywhere.

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-01-28

    Added installer checksums - as requested

  • Marc

    Marc - 2015-01-28

    Is there any way to make this plugin portable so that no installation is required? I'd like to use it but I'm running into issues installing it because it require admin privileges to install.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-01-28

    All plug-ins are portable if you copy the plug-in / plgx to the same directory as KeePass.exe.

    cheers, Paul

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-01-29

    Strictly speaking, KeeForm is an "add-on" and not a "plugin". But it is also portable (since the installer only lets you install KeeForm into the KeePass folder). So after you installed KeeForm you could copy the KeePass folder anywhere (for example to your USB drive).

    The installer should only require admin privileges if you install KeeForm in a "system" folder for example like "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)". Where is your KeePass folder?

    Last edit: KeeForm 2015-01-29
  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-01-29

    @Marc Thanks for reporting this. I fixed "the bug". The installer should not require admin privileges anymore.

    Please download the new version and test again. Thanks!

    Last edit: KeeForm 2015-01-30
  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-02-10

    Added "AntiVirus" information to first post.

  • Rebecca Gaskin

    Rebecca Gaskin - 2015-03-16

    When I tried to install the Google Chrome KeeForm App from your site, my Avira blocked it with a warning of a "TR/Crypt.Xpack.139726" virus. Just a heads-up that you may have a problem.


  • Horst

    Horst - 2015-03-16

    The problem is on your side not in the Keeform App.
    So report to Avira a false positiv.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-03-16

    KeeForm is written using AutoIt and this sometimes flags false positives - some viruses are written using AutoIt. To be sure you can download the AU3 program and compile it using AutoIt.

    cheers, Paul

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-03-17

    Yup, Avira falsely classified KeeForm as Malware ... Please see also the original post (at the top)

    But there is also good news ... Symantec just whitelisted KeeForm as "not malware" :-) I am sure the other "not so smart" AV programs will follow soon ...

  • Francisco Perez

    Francisco Perez - 2015-03-18

    I have just installed KeyPass2 with KeyForm under windows xp and Chrome.When I run there is an error message "Data received not valid Please check your PSW". I tried with a KeyForm psw and with psw in blanks but I obtained the same message. I deactivated my anti virus and windows firewall with the same result.

    Can you help me please?


  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-03-18

    That does not sound like a KeePass or KeeForm message. Can you be more specific about what you are doing and when the message appears? Maybe a screen shot?

    cheers, Paul

  • Francisco Perez

    Francisco Perez - 2015-03-18

    It is a KeeForm message when I click an URL to open a web in the KeePass window. The message appears from the rigth below corner and has a white lock logo with red background

    Warm regards,


  • Paul

    Paul - 2015-03-19

    Have you installed all KeePass plug-in and the Chrome extension?

    Is the KeeForm toolbar icon green?

    cheers, Paul

  • KeeForm

    KeeForm - 2015-03-19

    I guess you got the following error message: Data received not valid (please check your password), right?

    Most likely you entered a password during the installation, but did not enter the same password in the "options" of the KeePass extension. So please right click on the KeeForm icon and select options ... (But do not use your KeePass password!!). If you forgot the password you entered during the installation or simply want to change it, just re-run the installer.

  • Francisco Perez

    Francisco Perez - 2015-03-20

    Paul, Dave

    I installed KeeForm App and KeeForm Ext using the guide of tree steps. The toolbar icon is green.

    I entered a password during installation and the same psw going to chrome>configuration>extensions>KeeForm(Ext)>Configuration>Settings>Passphrase.

    I don't see the way you suggested "...right click on the KeeForm icon and select options ..."
    If I right click I see configuration>Settings>Passphrase

    After doing the hole process when I click an URL in KeePass window it appears the message Keeform Error: "Data received not valid Please check your password" and for sure PSWs are the same

    cheers, Francisco

    Last edit: Francisco Perez 2015-03-20
  • Francisco Perez

    Francisco Perez - 2015-03-20

    Attached you will see a print screen of Chrome Extensions

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