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JOE 4.5 Released!

This version adds color theming to JOE. Hit ^T S and ^T U for instant beauty.

There are also a few bug fixes. See the release notes for details.

Posted by Joe Allen 2017-09-24

JOE 4.4 and JOE for Windows 4.4 released!

This release fixes some crash causing bugs introduced in the last few releases. See the release notes for details.

Posted by Joe Allen 2017-01-22

JOE for Windows 4.3 released

Fixes a few bugs found in the 4.1 Windows port, and brings in all fixes from 4.2 and 4.3. Please see

You can also proceed to the direct download

Posted by John J. Jordan 2016-11-12

JOE 4.3 Released!

This version has some important bug fixes and minor enhancements, please see the release notes.

The performance (memory usage, CPU usage) has been tuned for this version. Here is a comparison of JOE with some other editors: read more

Posted by Joe Allen 2016-08-31

JOE for Windows 4.1 released

Posted by John J. Jordan 2016-03-28

JOE 4.2 Released!

This version has many changes, please see the release notes.

Posted by Joe Allen 2016-03-06

JOE 4.1 Released!

This version has many changes, please see the release notes.

Posted by Joe Allen 2015-09-08

JOE: 3.8 Released! 4.0 Released! Native Windows port Released!

JOE-4.0 is the latest release and includes many new features.

JOE-3.8 is the latest stable release- not quite as many new features.

Please see the Release Notes.

Posted by Joe Allen 2015-03-22

JOE: 3.7 Released!

Joe is world-famous Wordstar like text editor.

JOE 3.7 - Fix critical file rename bugs (^K D) from previous release.

Update to most recent automake and autoconf tools and make use of docdir location option.

Release to Cygwin.

Reorganized option setting command (^T) to be a user definable menu of macros and sub-menus. The idea was to reduce the number of options shown when you hit ^T by sticking less frequently used options in sub-menus. A side benefit is that you can now stick your own macros in the ^T menu system.... read more

Posted by Joe Allen 2008-11-03

JOE 3.6 Released!

Two years of user reported bugs fixed! Two years of user supplied patches applied! Please look at the NEWS file for issues fixed. Please look at the TODO file for issues still to be resolved.

Posted by Joe Allen 2008-10-27

JOE 3.5 Released!

JOE 3.5

- Many bugs have been fixed, including a number of critical ones:
- Left arrow in menus sometimes caused a core dump.
- ESC c (compile) caused core dump or missed saving some files.
- Multi-file search & replace core dumps with 'e' option.
- ^XC in jmacs sometimes missed asking to save some files.

- This version has been test compiled to be warning free on many systems,
including:... read more

Posted by Joe Allen 2006-07-20

Old versions of JOE

I've uploaded some really old, pre-CVS versions of JOE, including 'e' (written in 1988), 'j', 'joe0.1.5', 'joe1.0.8', 'joe2.2' and 'joe2.8' into a new package called "Historic."

Posted by Joe Allen 2006-06-06

JOE 3.4 Released!

New for JOE 3.4:

- Paragraph reformatter and word wrap now handle '*' and '-' bullet lists.

- Better internationalization (i18n):

JOE now uses gettext(), so that internal messages can be translated to the local language. The /etc/joe directory now has a lang subdirectory for the .po files.

Internationalized joerc files are now possible. If LANG is en_GB, JOE tries successively to load joerc.en_GB, joerc.en and joerc.... read more

Posted by Joe Allen 2006-05-30

JOE 3.3

New features for JOE 3.3:

- The default background color can now be set.

- JOE now supports 256 color xterm.

- The mouse can now resize windows and select menu entries.

- During selection with the mouse, the window will autoscroll when you go past the edge.

- An xterm-patch is included which makes "-mouse" mode work better. (With the patch, also set "-joexterm").

- Syntax files are provided: ADA, AWK, COBOL, SED, Postscript, and SQL... read more

Posted by Joe Allen 2005-05-17

JOE 3.2

JOE-3.2 has been released! Look at the release notes for a list of the many new features.

Posted by Joe Allen 2005-03-22

JOE 3.1

New release: includes many bug fixes and feature enhancements:

- Better UTF-8: fixed 32-bit bugs, plus ^T E allows you to select current file encoding.

- More syntax files (Mason, Diff)

- No longer depends on iconv() or snprintf() (easier to compile).

- Options for case insentive search and wrapping search.

- Shows name of function cursor is in on status line.

- Checks if file changed under you during save... read more

Posted by Joe Allen 2004-05-29

JOE 3.0

Major new release: JOE now has UTF-8 support and Syntax Highlighting.

Posted by Joe Allen 2004-04-23

JOE 2.9.8

New version released. Go and download. Changes are in NEWS, details in ChageLog files in the package.

Posted by Vitezslav Samel 2003-05-05

JOE for OpenBSD

Thanks to Mike Pechkin, the actual version of JOE is available in ports.

Posted by Marek Grac 2002-10-11

JOE 2.9.8-pre1

New pre-release released. Go and download. Changes are in NEWS (details in ChageLog) file in the package.

Posted by Vitezslav Samel 2001-12-14


I imported versions 2.9.7-pre2 and 2.9.7-pre3 into CVS and from now we'll be using CVS more extensively (I hope). This solves one BUG #472829 from the BUGs tracker ;-)).

If you'll be compiling CVS version of joe, please read the ChangeLog, building works only with some versions of automake/autoconf.

Posted by Vitezslav Samel 2001-10-29

JOE 2.9.7-pre3

new pre-release of joe is online. It fixes the wordwrap bug and also build problem on irix-6.5.

Posted by Vitezslav Samel 2001-10-29

JOE 2.9.7pre2 SRPM (important)

There is source rpm for JOE. There are small but major differencies. Symlinks in Makefile are modified and this version do NOT delete last character on the line when wrapping line. :)

Posted by Marek Grac 2001-10-17

Bugs in JOE 2.9.7pre2

OK, so in JOE 2.9.7pre2 are still bugs concerning wordwrap and delete of last character in the line when reformatting. If anyone is able to write any type of patch for wordwrapping (there is no need to be clean, documented, ..) please mail it to me. I'm without computer and will be until I found room to live, so right now my problems are somewhere else. This version was only released by me, but was developed by vsamel. On the other side is true that I should test it more :( ... read more

Posted by Marek Grac 2001-10-17

JOE 2.9.7pre2

New JOE is online. There will be only small changes
before 2.9.7. There are minor problems with Makefile on irix-6.5 :(

Posted by Marek Grac 2001-10-16