JOE: 3.7 Released!

Joe is world-famous Wordstar like text editor.

JOE 3.7 - Fix critical file rename bugs (^K D) from previous release.

Update to most recent automake and autoconf tools and make use of docdir location option.

Release to Cygwin.

Reorganized option setting command (^T) to be a user definable menu of macros and sub-menus. The idea was to reduce the number of options shown when you hit ^T by sticking less frequently used options in sub-menus. A side benefit is that you can now stick your own macros in the ^T menu system.

Add ^K ` revert file command. Also add ESC X reloadall command to revert all non-modified files.

Fixed a number of other user reported bugs.

Posted by Joe Allen 2008-11-03

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