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New version of JFire ERP released

JFire 1.2.0 (a.k.a. Farnsworth) is a big technology update. Besides new versions of the underlying technology (DataNucleus 3.0, Eclipse 3.6, Birt 2.6) JFire now includes a web-based client. It is based on Eclipse RAP and through single-sourcing with RCP it provides nearly the same functionality as the default JFire client. Try our demo-installtion here: http://demo.jfire.org/jfirerap/jfire/index.jsp.... read more

Posted by Alexander Bieber 2011-12-02

New beta release: 0.9.6 ultimate utility

We proudly present a new beta release of JFire!

The version 0.9.6-beta ultimate utility comes with 180 new features & bugfixes and brings many improvements:

* The communication between client and server is now significantly faster.
* More security with SSL-encrypted JNDI (SSL-secured RMI was already supported before).
* Some new reports were added.
* Most of the UI got German localisation.
* ...many more: http://nightlabs.de/links/8... read more

Posted by Marco Schulze 2009-02-07

Article "Quest for fire" published

We keep our promise: Here comes the article "Quest for fire": <https://www.jfire.org/download/documents/Bieber_Schulze-Quest_for_fire/Bieber_Schulze-Quest_for_fire.pdf>

The article "Quest for fire" gives an overview of JFire's trade module. It first starts on the user side explaining how to manage the inventory and then looks at the example again from the developer's perspective. It is the English translation of the German article "Am Anfang war das Feuer", which was published in the Eclipse Magazin and the Javamagazin earlier this year.... read more

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-11-25

German article &quot;Am Anfang war das Feuer&quot; online

In volume 15, issue 3.08, the German-speaking eclipse magazin <http://www.eclipse-magazin.de> published an article about JFire (page 73). Since today, you can download it here (PDF): <https://www.jfire.org/download/documents/em_vol.15/EM_Vol.15_Bieber_Schulze_JFire.pdf>

If you speak German, this article is likely to proof very valuable, because it gives an overview of JFire's trade module and can serve as an easy introduction to JFire in general. It first starts on the user side explaining how to manage the inventory and then looks at the example again from the developer's perspective.... read more

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-11-25

3rd beta release: 0.9.4 tough trader

Today, we released a new JFire beta release (0.9.4 Tough Trader).

It is the most stable JFire version ever released and there are many new features. Besides many bugfixes, stabilisation and updated libraries, there have been also made some major improvements.
Just to name a few, we have integrated a complete issue tracking system, the whole access and rights management has been revised, JFire now supports purchases from non-JFire organisations and we have integrated the popular FCKEditor - http://www.fckeditor.net - for editing rich HTML content.... read more

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-07-08

Ohloh registration

JFire is now registered at Ohloh <http://www.ohloh.net/projects/10703?p=JFire>. You can see some interesting statistics there. Go and register to claim your contributions

And if you like what the JFire developers did so far, you can give us some kudos ;-)

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-01-22

2nd beta release: 0.9.2 sunny saloon

Well, I totally forgot to submit the news on SF.net as well, but better late than never ;-)

So here it is: We proudly present the 2nd JFire beta release: 0.9.2 sunny saloon.

Besides many bugfixes, we added quite a few very useful new features.

For example, the formula editor for grid price configurations now includes a nice wizard to pick a cell reference - not even developers like to write these references manually... read more

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-01-05

JFire Beta release!

JFire has finally left its alpha state and is now officially BETA 0.9.0 (code name rainy roof)!!

Besides a trillion of bugs that were resolved since its last release, it has some nice new modules. In addition to that, JFire has been updated to run on the newly released stable versions of Eclipse and JBoss.

Find out more about the new JFire Beta on this page: https://www.jfire.org/modules/phpwiki/index.php/Release%200.9.0-beta_rainy-roof_2007-07-04
and download the best release of JFire ever and have a lot of fun!

Posted by Marc Klinger 2007-07-05

JFire reaches alpha status

The free/open source ERP framework JFire has reached alpha status and the first alpha snapshot release is avaiable for download now.

The developer team does not expect any major architectural changes any more so JFire has reached a more stable development status.

See here (https://www.jfire.org/modules/phpwiki/index.php/Release%20SNAPSHOT_2007-01-04)
for a detailed listing of changes to the last snapshot.

Posted by Alexander Bieber 2007-01-04

New snapshot release of JFire

A new snapshot release of the free/open source ERP framework JFire(http://jfire.org) is available.

The snapshot includes many new features for JFire's trading backend, the reporting and scripting framework as well as extended database support (HSQL, Mckoi).

A demo server is online at demo.jfire.org for a tryout of the JFire suite.


Posted by Alexander Bieber 2006-05-22