3rd beta release: 0.9.4 tough trader

Today, we released a new JFire beta release (0.9.4 Tough Trader).

It is the most stable JFire version ever released and there are many new features. Besides many bugfixes, stabilisation and updated libraries, there have been also made some major improvements.
Just to name a few, we have integrated a complete issue tracking system, the whole access and rights management has been revised, JFire now supports purchases from non-JFire organisations and we have integrated the popular FCKEditor - http://www.fckeditor.net - for editing rich HTML content.

A complete list of all new features is available on: https://www.jfire.org/modules/phpwiki/index.php/Release%200.9.4-beta_tough-trader_2008-07-07

If you're interested, just download the server and the client and install it yourself, to give it a try.

Download: https://www.jfire.org/modules/content/index.php/download.html

Alternatively, you can download only the client and connect to our demo server. Therefore, just enter the following information in the login dialog:

* Username: francois
* Password: test
* Workstation: ws00
* Organisation: chezfrancois.jfire.org
* ServerURL: jnp://demo.jfire.org:1099

As usual, we also have a demo webshop online, which uses the content of our demo server: http://demo.jfire.org:8080/jfire-webshop

If you experience any problems, please ask in the forum or post a bug report:

* Forum: https://www.jfire.org/modules/newbb/
* Bugtracker: https://www.jfire.org/modules/bugs/

We hope you enjoy using JFire.
The JFire team

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-07-08

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