2nd beta release: 0.9.2 sunny saloon

Well, I totally forgot to submit the news on SF.net as well, but better late than never ;-)

So here it is: We proudly present the 2nd JFire beta release: 0.9.2 sunny saloon.

Besides many bugfixes, we added quite a few very useful new features.

For example, the formula editor for grid price configurations now includes a nice wizard to pick a cell reference - not even developers like to write these references manually

The PIM (Personal Information Management) module has been revived and contains a functional (but still pretty rudimentary) contact management. Want to get all missing features soon? Why not become a committer and help us develop it faster?!

Our demo server already runs the new release. To test JFire, simply download the client and connect to the demo server:

Download: https://www.jfire.org/modules/content/index.php/download.html
Username: francois
Password: test
Workstation: ws00
Organisation: chezfrancois.jfire.org
ServerURL: jnp://demo.jfire.org:1099

Additionally, there's a demo webshop online: http://demo.jfire.org:8080/jfire-webshop

Release infos: https://www.jfire.org/modules/phpwiki/index.php/Release%200.9.2-beta_sunny-saloon_2007-12-05

Have fun with JFire!

Posted by Marco Schulze 2008-01-05

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