#161 WhiteSpace: visible new line characters option


It would be nice, if WhiteSpace could show new line characters (like the sort of inverted P in OOo or Word and probably others). There is the some option, but at least in my environment, it does not take any effect. It would be exceptionally nice if the kind of new line would be destinguished, <CR> other than <LF> other than the combination or any other new line representation (see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newline\). I was driven up the wall looking for the cause when Oracle failed to load a csv file, initially exported by Excel, containing new line characters within fields. At least with our environment Oracle stumbles over Windows style new lines within fields. Excel the in-field new lines as Unix-like line feed <LF>. I amended the file and saved it in Windows style and the in-field new lines where changed to windows style and Oracle miserably failed.

Would it be possible to have an option with which new line characters are preserved?


  • Thiemo Kellner

    Thiemo Kellner - 2009-12-24
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  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2009-12-24

    There is a "show end of line marker" option under global options - text area - end of line markers.
    Is that what you were looking for?

  • Thiemo Kellner

    Thiemo Kellner - 2009-12-25

    Similar, and I have switched it on such that I see a dot at the end, but I still cannot destinguish the type of ond of line/newline.

  • Robert Schwenn

    Robert Schwenn - 2009-12-25

    The type of line separators for the current buffer can be viewed and changed in "Utilities -> Buffer Options". Also, normally it's shown in the status bar (check "Utilities -> Global Options -> Status Bar -> Widgets").

    The keys in the status bar are:
    U = Unix
    W = Windows
    M = Mac

  • Thiemo Kellner

    Thiemo Kellner - 2009-12-28

    I know the status bar letter, however what if you have a mixed file as Excel does with csv export and newline/line breaks in cells? You do not know that way. And how is the newline style determined anyway? First hit wins? Most hits wins? The status bar letters should have an additional one like I for indetermined or so.

  • Dale Anson

    Dale Anson - 2009-12-28

    It looks like first one wins, so if the first line ends with \n, it shows as Unix in the status bar even if there is a \r\n somewhere further along in the file.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2012-01-20
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  • Robert Schwenn

    Robert Schwenn - 2012-01-21

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to fulfill this request at all. Aren't line breaks in an open buffer represented internally independent of the kind that is saved into the file?

  • Jarek Czekalski

    Jarek Czekalski - 2012-01-21
    • status: open --> closed
  • Jarek Czekalski

    Jarek Czekalski - 2012-01-21

    A core feature could be something like:

    1. Enable manual choice for line endings at file-opening, like with encodings
    2. Convert \n characters not contained in line endings to some other constant unicode code and give an option to convert them to \n again on save

    I don't need such feature, so will not post the request.


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