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  • Posted a comment on ticket #3368 on jEdit

    What java version are you using? As far as I can tell, the bug is fixed in java 9, although looking through the java 9 source code, it looks like the max thumb button size is still set to 1000x1000 [1] rather than 4096x4096 as suggested by the SO article. The button sizes are also looking correct when running jEdit with java 9. I didn't dig super deep into the java 9 source code, so I'm not sure exactly what the fix was, but it does seem to be fixed. My thought is to move your suggested fix into...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3368 on jEdit

    I'll check into this, but I'm also wondering if you happen to have found a fix for the button sizes with Nimbus? The OK/Cancel/Yes/No/Apply/etc buttons in most dialogs are always the wrong size. The scrollbar problem you've mentioned plus the button size problem is the main reason I don't use Nimbus, it's just unattractive compared to Substance, for example, or for that matter, just about any of the look and feels provided by the Look and Feel plugin.

  • Modified ticket #3368 on jEdit

    Horizontal Scrollbar Abnormal in Nimbus Look and Feel

  • Modified ticket #1903 on jEdit

    GitPlugin NPE

  • Committed [80ab99]

    Fix for tracker #1903, NPE when PV doesn't have an active project

  • Created ticket #1903 on jEdit

    GitPlugin NPE

  • Posted a comment on ticket #390 on jEdit

    I'm not at all up on Wordpress, but I did run across this article: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/best-text-editors-wordpress/ It lists a bunch of text editors that work well with Wordpress. jEdit isn't listed, but it has all the capabilities of the ones on the list. What else would you need besides the XML plugin? On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 1:46 PM, James geniosity@gmail.com wrote: Ok, that's strange. I wonder if it's a port thing or something. If you'd like assistance debugging that, and you'd like...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #389 on jEdit

    The problem with this suggestion is BufferSelector actually uses JToggleButtons, not tabs. Tabs support a close icon, buttons do not. It would probably be possible to have a right-click action show a popup to close the buffer (and remove the button), but that sounds like it would not really be any easier than what you're already doing. Another option would be to use the Buffer Switcher macro to close buffers, but again, I'm not sure that would save you any steps. Yet another option would be to use...

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