#3853 BufferedList missing from jEdit in ubuntu 12.04/OpenJDK 7

minor bug

Just installing jEdit from the Ubuntu repository gives me jEdit 4.4.2. For some reason this is not showing the buffered list in the repository. Manually putting the plugin in will show an incompatibel version with another library (I don't recall which one).

The work-around is to un-install and install 5.1.0 manually.

Please upgrade the repository if you can, that would be a nice addition to ubuntu..


  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-03-10

    jEdit 5.1 probably won't ever be added to ubuntu 12.04.
    ubuntu 13.10 is the current version of ubuntu, and with that, you get jEdit 5.0, and maybe soon, jEdit 5.1.
    Why are you using such an old version of ubuntu?

    This is not the correct place to open tickets against ubuntu repositories.

    The ubuntu maintainers usually take the latest version of jEdit and put it into the next version of ubuntu in any case, so I am not sure if opening a ticket will do any good for you, but it would be good if they updated from 5.0 to 5.1 in their current release.

  • Alan Ezust

    Alan Ezust - 2014-03-10
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • James Calfee

    James Calfee - 2014-03-10

    thanks for clarifying..

    I'm am using the latest LTC release. Too many small upgrades is just eats up too much time. The provide support for 5 years on the server versions. The next LTC is April 2014 (every 2 years).


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