#3699 Shortcuts are broken on german localization

normal bug

I used to press Alt+F to open the file menu, but now in jEdit 5.0pre1 everything is localized also the shortcuts: "F"ile -> "D"atei

Pressing Alt+D seems to delete the character under the cursor and does not open the file menu. Same for "B"ookmark -> "L"esezeichen (Alt-L) and "V"iew -> "A"nsicht -> (Alt+A).


  • Robert Schwenn

    Robert Schwenn - 2012-05-19

    I can't reproduce this unless I define i.e. "ALT+D" as shortcut in the Global Options -> Shortcuts pane for the delete action. Then this user defined shortcut overrides the access key for the menu item. Please check that You don't have defined such a shortcut.

    The access keys for menu items and controls in dialogs have to be localized. But in the Global Options -> General pane You can manually choose the language.

  • Robert Schwenn

    Robert Schwenn - 2012-05-23
    • status: open --> pending-works-for-me
  • Thomas Meyer

    Thomas Meyer - 2012-06-16

    Hello. I just figured out what is wrong here:

    You only will run in this bug, when you did previously use a jEdit < 5 version and did already have a keymaps directory in your local settings: "~/.jedit/keymaps"

    With this existing directory the migration step will not be done in jEdit class with "keymapMigration.migrate()".

    And as the localisation properties "jedit_de.props" are loaded before the system keymap, the trick to override the already existing key bindings in jEdit/keymaps/jEdit_keys.props via the local imported ~/.jedit/keymaps/imported_keys.props doesn't work.

    so these three keybinding will not get removed, see line 79-81 of system jedit_de.props file:


    A quick fix for me was now to remove "~/.jedit/keymaps" and let jEdit migrate the localized bindings over the system bindings and use the imported_keys.props.

    The correct solution would be to load the system keymaps before the localisation properties, so the override works as expected.

  • Thomas Meyer

    Thomas Meyer - 2012-06-16
    • status: pending-works-for-me --> open-works-for-me
  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2012-09-08
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kpouer
    • status: open-works-for-me --> open
  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2012-09-28

    Menu bar mnemonics now take precedence over otherwise defined shortcuts as they are visible to the user.

  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2012-09-28
    • assigned_to: kpouer --> vampire0
    • labels: --> keyboard / shortcuts
    • milestone: --> normal bug
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Björn Kautler

    Björn Kautler - 2012-10-14

    Menu bar mnemonics do not take precedence over otherwise defined shortcuts anymore as the user should be able to remap those key combinations if he wants to.
    Instead the main menu mnemonics are removed and thus not shown if there is an otherwise defined meaning for the shortcut.
    Additionally all A+[a-z] shortcuts were removed from the jEdit keymap and the build procedure checks that no new ones are added to ensure that the first usage experience is that all menus have working mnemonics.


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