#2861 bad handling of the escapes introduced after jEdit 4.2



1. type in the following text into a new buffer:

echo '[inside]\'[still inside]'[outside]
echo '[inside]\'[still inside]'[outside]

echo "[inside]\"[still inside]"[outside]
echo "[inside]\"[still inside]"[outside]

2. save it under any name, and then reload - that way the "shellscript" mode will be activated, and syntax coloring will start working

3. RESULT: it depends on the jEdit version:

jEdit 4.2: everyting is just fine,
jEdit 4.3pre9: first lines are colorized correctly, but in the last two lines the sequence \" is treated as an ending of the SPAN (but NOT as the beginning) - this should not be the case, because there is an attribute ESCAPE="\" in the RULEset, which should prevent that. The difference between the treatment of ' and " (in shellscript.xml) is that the former is a simple SPAN, whereas the latter is also DELEGATEd to another RULEset. Same stands for `.


The reason may be the transition away from the gnu.regexp engine, but I don't know enough about jEdit's core to claim that. I haven't checked any other version of jEdit, so I don't know exactly when this bug has been introduced. I am sure that the shellscript.xml itself doesn't do any harm to this, as the differences are minor and regarding only the "Readins" syntax (because of the use of the regular expressions).

This bug is really annoying, and has forced me to remove the DELEGATE attribute from both the ` and ", otherwise the syntax coloring goes mad (this is the main virtue of bash programming - above the certain level, this is really a write-only language :) ).

Although I haven't tested it, but I am almost sure this bug also concerns other, more popular :) programming languages.

Everything has been tested on WinXP SP2 (Polish), jre6 from Sun.


  • Marcelo Vanzin

    Marcelo Vanzin - 2007-06-15

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    This looks fixed in SVN.

  • Marcelo Vanzin

    Marcelo Vanzin - 2007-06-15
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