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GWC release 0.21-10

Well, I had a lot of great plans for GWC, but also I had a busy life, so not much got done.

But, lack of releases does generally mean "it isn't broke", as far as I know. I read on some mailing list some person saying GWC was not worth looking at because there had been no recent development. I think that logic is seriously flawed.

But I do have a major bugfix here, and a minor one as well. ALSA playback could at times crash gwc. I tracked that down and fixed it. Also some of the code for the biquad filtering was poor, causing samples to be interchanged between the right and left channels. That's fixed too.... read more

Posted by Jeff Welty 2009-03-22

Plans for GWC in 2006-2007

GWC development has been pretty quiet for a while, but there are a few things I think would be very worthwhile:

1) I have incorporated (*hacked* in) the tap_reverb software. It is production quality reverb and I used it on one project to add back in a *touch* of presence to the audio after denoising. I need to get that de-hacked and posted.

2) Internationalization. I had an offer to do a French Language translation, but GWC doesn't use the proper programming structure to enable this. I think this would take about 2 days for someone to go through and identify all the strings in GWC, and convert them to the internationalizable format.... read more

Posted by Jeff Welty 2006-10-01

0.21-03 Released

0.21-03 is up on sourceforge today. A few bugfixes. ALSA playback was improved (and hopefully OSS playback wasn't degraded).

There is code for OSX, but as yet no formal mechanism for compiling/linking on OSX.


Posted by Jeff Welty 2005-10-09

0.20-10 released

I've released 0.20-10. For those who haven't paid attention, there have been a number of features added starting with 0.20-08

Probably most significant is the estimate large gaps works. I've used this on 2000 samples (at 44.1khz), and was pleasantly surprised, not a perfect solution, but 95% the way to perfect :-)

Song markers are now snapped to when selecting regions.

DSP filtering (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch filters) using biquad filters.... read more

Posted by Jeff Welty 2005-02-02

0.20-09 is released

It's been a while since GWC got some overdue attention.

Thanks to Robert Atwood for a fix to the audio playback hanging problem (which was better than my fix ;-) )

Thiemo Gehrke did some great work cleaning up and (which were admittedly a mess).

The amplify function can now mix from either channel, so if you have a dropout in one channel and it's more or less monophonic you can try to mix in from the other channel. I'm firmly convinced most people will look at the amplify dialog and say "HUH -- how does that work?". I slapped the dialog in place really fast and I'm sure the descriptive text (or lack of ...) could use improvement.... read more

Posted by Jeff Welty 2005-01-10

GWC for Gnome 2.x API released

It's been pretty quiet in GWC-land, but I just finished an initial release of GWC for the Gnome 2.x API.

I have created a new package for the Gnome 2.x version, it is "gwc2" and appears below the gwc package, so scroll down there in the file releases to find it.
There are a few new features (Thanks Frank Freudenberg and Rob Fair), and an important bug fix (Thanks Lindsay Harris).... read more

Posted by Jeff Welty 2004-03-06

0.19-10 released

This truly is a development version. Bleeding edge. 2 new features, alsa support and batch processing. 0 documentation for the batch processing, there is a perl script ( included which is the front-end for batch processing, and will give you some usage info.

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-09-28

0.19-9 seems pretty stable

I haven't heard any bug reports at least :-)

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-09-28

0.19-8 is released

This hopefully squashes the "declick to end of file" crash bug.
Thanks to Frank Freudenberg for the FFTW 3.x lib interface work!
I started work on the online help for gwc. It will be available
if you do a "make install" as the super-user.

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-09-03

0.19-6 released

There were several C++ -ism's in the code, which was causing compilation problems for several people, and a MAJOR bug which was introduced in denoise in 0.19-5 was fixed.

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-08-24

Version 0.19-5 is released

Thanks to Charles Morgan, the encoding for MP3 and OGG formats is complete, and ready for testing.

I'd also like to hear if there are problems with the configure script in regards to libsndfile and fftw. There is no longer a dependency on the lame libs.

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-08-21

Libsndfile configuration

Mal from Australia helped me to determine the cause of some of the configuration failures with libsndfile -- while you may have installed libsndfile, you must also insure the system knows where to find the shared library file. You do this (as root) by ensuring the path to the library is in /etc/, if the path is not there, add it, and issue the command "/sbin/ldconfig".... read more

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-03-07

Are you using the gwc-announce list?

So far, only 1 person is signed up for the gwc-announce list. If you want automatic notification of new gwc releases, this is the list for you, and talk about low volume, there may only be 5 messages a year!

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-02-18

gwc-0.19-1 released

This version introduces faster redraws on audio display and you can now set "song" markers, which will be used to create the cdrdao.toc file. The song markers, as well as the regular editing markers are now persistent. This is a development release. Bug reports, as usual are much appreciated!!

Posted by Jeff Welty 2003-02-18

gwc 0.18-0 released

This release contains no new bug fixes, but has a much faster click detection algorithm, and up to 200 markers. Gnome Wave Cleaner is a digital audio restoration tool for CD quality audio wavefiles. Dehiss, declick and decrackle in a GUI environment.

Have fun. Please let me know of any problems.
jw (aka weltyj at

Posted by Jeff Welty 2002-12-27