0.20-10 released

I've released 0.20-10. For those who haven't paid attention, there have been a number of features added starting with 0.20-08

Probably most significant is the estimate large gaps works. I've used this on 2000 samples (at 44.1khz), and was pleasantly surprised, not a perfect solution, but 95% the way to perfect :-)

Song markers are now snapped to when selecting regions.

DSP filtering (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch filters) using biquad filters.

Thiemo Ghehrke cleaned up configure and make.

There is a FFT click detection method, which based on my limited test seems better, though obviously much slower.

Experimental - with denoising you can specify the band of frequencies to remove in the noise removal.

I'm at a nice break in my personal audio cleanup projects, and am going to focus on the Mac/OSX port now.


Posted by Jeff Welty 2005-02-02

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