Plans for GWC in 2006-2007

GWC development has been pretty quiet for a while, but there are a few things I think would be very worthwhile:

1) I have incorporated (*hacked* in) the tap_reverb software. It is production quality reverb and I used it on one project to add back in a *touch* of presence to the audio after denoising. I need to get that de-hacked and posted.

2) Internationalization. I had an offer to do a French Language translation, but GWC doesn't use the proper programming structure to enable this. I think this would take about 2 days for someone to go through and identify all the strings in GWC, and convert them to the internationalizable format.

3) Moving all the current denoise/declick/decrackle functionality to gwc-lib, and recoding the gwc frontend to use gwc-lib. This has been a goal, but never really got the effort it needed.

So I propose I finish up 1), and post that version of GWC. If there is anyone who has experience with the internationalization of code, I'd love to hear from you and better yet if you could take the task on that would be great!

After the internationalization, then tackle the gwc-lib issue.

Any comments will be warmly received,
Jeff Welty

Posted by Jeff Welty 2006-10-01

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