#375 Support for broken axes.


Broken axes is a common used feature in many scientific plots.

There are some examples on the web on how to achieve it through manually drawing the axes and modify the data:

  1. http://gnuplot-surprising.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/broken-axes-graph-in-gnuplot-3.html
  2. http://gnuplot-tricks.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/broken-axis-revisited.html

But there are many parameters, e.g. the height of the broken indicating arrow, that has to be frequently tuned when plotting different data. It is even more different to tune these parameters when using log scale on axes.

It would be nice if gnuplot can natively support broken axes both on x and y axes for both normal scale and log scale.


  • Romano Giannetti

    I second this request.

    For example, it would really be nice to be able to do a thing like set xrange [0:1-7:10] and have all the magic happens, both with data and functions.

    Now I have to do all sort of magic (typically using python to create a gnuplot script) to make that happen...


  • leoking

    leoking - 2014-03-27


    Some simple examples can be done manually.

    However, when you are using log y axis, the length of manually drawn arrows (representing the break) is really hard to determine.

  • Romano Giannetti

    @leoking --- yes, although my solution in that case is using "screen" coordinates. But it's convoluted, and if you need to break both x and y axes, the thing becomes fastly unmanageable.

  • Romano Giannetti

    Is there any news about this? Would be a great addition for 5.0...


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