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    "it works just like C" No, it really doesn't. At best one could say it works just like C would on a 64-bit platform. Which is definitely not "just like C" if the platform is actually 32-bit. C sprintf suffers from the same problem, it wants different format strings for 32-bit and 64-bit ints :-( Actually, no. The format string is actually the same, regardless whether int is 32 or 64 bits. It only wants different formats if the integer is not int. Which is what your change to 64-bit integers on 32-bit...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2037 on gnuplot

    Well, the true problem is with user-specified formats. %d or %i is flat-out wrong for 64-bit integers on a 32-bit platform. And that's bound to be all over existing scripts. So we would have to parse all user-specified format strings (and get it 100% correct), and secretly modify them, before they can be used. That pretty much defeats the purpose of offering sprintf() for integers at all --- it would be both safer and easier to offer a home-grown integer-formatting routine, instead, which doesn't...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2037 on gnuplot

    Unless we're willing to declare flat-out incompatibility of existing scripts, I don't believe there can be any solution. The change to 64-bit integers (on 32-bit platforms) already broke backward compatibility, whether we like it or not. We may just have to bite the bullet --- or undo that change and re-think it.

  • Modified ticket #293 on cscope

    cscope cannot find function which is parse as function pointer

  • Posted a comment on ticket #293 on cscope

    Well, that's because that is not a call to functionpointer(). That's just passing a function by pointer. Calling it would happen somewhere inside findmain(). But that would not be calling functionpointer() either: it would be calling its function-pointer typed argument. And because of the well-known limitation of parsing functions with function-pointer arguments, odds are cscope would be unable to locate that call. You're really expecting rather too much from a source code navigation tool here.

  • Committed [1f77b3]

    Fix bug found by Derek Alan Stewart <>

  • Committed [69285f]

    Checked in patch to prompt visibly for inline data in interactive mode.

  • Committed [63af87]

    Bugfix: avoid infinite loop in 'set term cgm linewidth 0' mode.

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