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GeoServer 2.2.3 released

The GeoServer team is happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.2.3, now available for download:

This is the latest release of the stable 2.2 series and contains some small new features and interesting fixes:
* [] - Update Freemarker templates through REST API
* [] - Add title and abstract to LayerGroupInfo
* [] - The rendering thread can block forever under request cancellation
* [] - Error in Documentation: </PropertyName> tag used instead of </Literal>
* [] - json output in WPS extension does not work due to missing library
* [] - Border artifacts when reprojecting single banded (scientific) raster data... read more

Posted by Andrea Aime 2012-12-24

Looking for GeoServer news? See

If you're looking for the latest news and updates for all things GeoServer, please read the GeoServer blog at . The downloads are still hosted here at SourceForge, of course, but we're consolidating our news on the GeoServer blog, rather than having it in more than one place. The main GeoServer homepage remains at . Come join us!

Posted by Mike Pumphrey 2008-05-21

GeoServer 1.4.0-M2 with WCS released

This release works against Java 1.4.2+, GeoTools 2.3.0-M0, JAI 1.1.4+ and ImageIO 1.1+.

ArcGrid module is not working well on this release because the new one, all refactored and based and ImagioIO interfaces, is available on Geotools since version 2.4.x.

The next release will have ArcGrids and GRIBs back plus a lot of other plugins :)


Posted by Alessio Fabiani 2006-10-02 - new homepage!

GeoServer has acquired a new homepage, made sooner by sourceforge dropping support for mysql 3, which our old postnuke page relied upon. We've been in the process of porting to a wiki for awhile, and are close to done. The location of the actual wiki is a bit weird, so we just decided to use to point you in the right direction. Soon we'll get that domain itself up to snuff. But please check out the new page, and please give us feedback, or things are wrong, just fix it up yourself!

Posted by Chris Holmes 2005-11-15

GeoServer 1.0.0 released

GeoServer is a full transactional Java (J2EE) implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature Server specification. Release 1.0.0 has been completely tested against the official OGC WFS test engine and supports Postgis, Oracle and Shapefile formats. Please visit

GeoServer is built as a thin servlet layer on top of the latest beta release of GeoTools (, another excellent sourceforge project. The server allows users to share geographic information using GML. GeoServer was originally written on top of Postgis, a spatial extension to PostgreSQL, and now also supports Shapefile and Oracle Spatial formats, with more coming every day. It is fully transactional, meaning users can modify their backend data using update and locking operations on the web. Feature filtering is also fully supported, in the backend data stores for speed where possible. ... read more

Posted by Chris Holmes 2003-10-01

Garmin GPS Tool Moved

The Garmin GPS Tool and libraries has a new home at

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2002-01-31

FreeFS and Geoserver Merger

Since the FreeFS and Geoserver projects are working towards the same goals with respect to creating good geo-data software, we have decided to merge the projects. I'll post more as more information is available.

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2002-01-17

Dec. Notes

A few notes regarding the project...

1. I've been in contact with the FreeFS and MapBuilder projects and after an e-mail dialogue with them, I'm working on synchronizing the GDTP syntax to be more in line with OpenGIS's WFS. It is not close to complete by any means, but I'll keep updates posted.

2. I've uploaded some Five Blues Lake data in the gdtp2svg and Project Maps sections. They are far from polished, but do represent some progress.... read more

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-12-12

Geoserver v.0.85 Release

The Geoserver project is focused on creating an open client-server specification standard for geographical and mapping applications.

So, I've finally gotten around to releasing the Geoserver reference server code that I've been working on. It is a .tar.gz with the Java source in the src/ directory and the installation documents in the docs/ directory. I've also released a "GDTP User's Guide" at the same time in order to illustrate how queries to the server are made and what types of results to expect.... read more

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-12-06

Forums Open

At the request of an anonymous user, I have opened up the forums for use. Feel free to comment on the project there.

(Back to working in features...)

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-11-30

Geographical Information Server: Milestone 2 Complete

The Geoserver project is focused on creating an open client-server specification standard for geographical and mapping applications.

Five days later than promised, Milestone 2 is now in CVS. It supports host and network access control lists and it supports the boundedRequest request type as shown in the most recent 'Sample Queries.txt' file in CVS. Basic types have also been determined. The majority of the GML 2.0 objects have been implemented as the basic types in the server. See the 'db.dump' file for more details until better documentation is written.

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-11-20

Comments on Progress (Milestone 3)

I thought that I would drop a few notes about how things are going with respect to the Geoserver project.

First of all, regarding Milestone 3. User support has been put into the latest CVS versions. At the moment, this means that if you have a user account in the Geoserver sphere, you can use that account to validate yourself in order to request documents. (Nevermind that there are no tools for creating users at the moment... Coming soon...) The way it basically works is this. Each feature in the database has a 'Owner' field that corresponds to a user ID in the 'users' table (0 if there is no Owner). If you want to view the features that belong to another user, you have to log on as that user. (Examples are in the 'Sample Queries.txt' file.) Features that have an owner of '0' are accessible to everyone. This setup is by no means complete, as I intend to add more Unix-like ACL's, but it is a start. I'm also considering making the authentication use some sort of challenge-response scheme, or have the server generate a random key that is used to encode a password to improve security. Nothing has been decided yet, and these may be version 2.0 features. At the moment, the username and password are sent in clear-text. And at the moment, there are no concepts of groups. So, in summary, the user / group areas of this project require quite a bit more work before they can be considered close to stable.... read more

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-11-18


Milestone 1 is in the CVS tree. It only lacks tools for viewing specific features. This will be finished up when I have a real body of data in my server to play with.

Milestone 2 is behind schedule due to a nasty operating system class assignment I had this weekend (writing a filesystem). It is underway and should be completed early this week.

Milestones 3 and 4 remain scheduled as was previously mentioned.

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-11-12


Here is the schedule for server milestone releases before the 1.0 non-beta server is available:

Milestone One: Basic features such as requesting features and adding features will be supported along with error codes. The web-based administration console will still be incomplete, but it will allow users to add allowed types to the server and browse some of the features located within the server. This should be released later tonight as soon as I get the web-based stuff up to par.... read more

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-11-03

Project Update

The Geoserver project is alive and well and is progressing rapidly. Despite few program releases in the main section, the server code is under intense active development. The web-based interface is being completed, and internal documentation is being written. A public beta of the server with small sample clients should be released by November 4. Additional clients are under development, and an announcement as to their availability will be made in the future.

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-10-16

Summer Report

The summer work with the software went well. Maps of Five Blues Lake were made and collaboration with outside groups using the Garmin libraries already developed. Furthermore, the DLE bug was fixed and up to date copies are now in the CVS repository. Furthermore, the very beginnings of an XML -> map program are taking shape.

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-08-13

Summer Pre-Release Available

The Garmin GPS Java library has been made for public consumption. This is an early pre-release of an evolving product, so use at your own risk. A number of bugs are in the package (most notably, a minor checksumming bug), but the functions in the package work most of the time.

This release is being made to give public access to the source code developed up to this point. No more updates to the code or CVS tree will be made until early September, as I will be in Belize using the code to map out a local park (details in the doc section). Upon my return in September, the CVS tree will be updated with the changes made in the summer. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I will be without Internet access during the next two months.... read more

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-05-24

Garmin GPS Progress

The Garmin GPS protocol implementation is currently underway. Due to things like finals, the pace will be rather slow until May 19, 2000.

Despite this, steady progress is being made on the Console Java application, and the Garmin link layer protocol implementation is almost finished and probably will be tested later this week, or early next week.

Mapping project proposals are now online. The Five Blues Lake National Park Proposal is online at [ ]. The Princeton University proposal will be up shortly.

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-05-10

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