Geoserver v.0.85 Release

The Geoserver project is focused on creating an open client-server specification standard for geographical and mapping applications.

So, I've finally gotten around to releasing the Geoserver reference server code that I've been working on. It is a .tar.gz with the Java source in the src/ directory and the installation documents in the docs/ directory. I've also released a "GDTP User's Guide" at the same time in order to illustrate how queries to the server are made and what types of results to expect.

I was intending to release a "Geoserver User's Guide" also, but have since burned out writing documentation. It's still under construction, and I'll release it once I get it complete.

I should probably that this software is still BETA software, so no warranties are implied and its not even guaranteed that it will run on your machine. However, if there are problems or bugs, please log them in the bug tracker that SourceForge has so generously provided so that I can work to release better and better projects.

Any questions and/or flames should be sent to

Posted by Chris J. Karr 2001-12-06

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