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OpenGEM 7 RC3 is ready

Shane Coughlan writes: "The final(?) Release Candidate of OpenGEM 7 is ready and available for testing. To try it just download the zip file from the repository and unpack to the C: drive in your relevant machine while preserving directory structure. Type GEM to execute the GEM.BAT file. If I get no feedback in the next week then I will consider the release ready and go 'gold.'" You can get the new OpenGEM 7 RC3 at OpenGEM on Github.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-07-11

OpenGEM now on GitHub

OpenGEM is a non-multitasking 16-bit graphical user interface (GUI) for DOS. It is an extended, open source software distribution of FreeGEM that includes features of the original Digital Research GEM. Shane Coughlan has moved the source code to OpenGEM on GitHub. If you'd like to help, grab the code! OpenGEM is distributed under the GNU GPL.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-07-03

FreeDOS is 23 years old

On June 29, 1994, we announced a project to create a "free DOS." And today, FreeDOS is 23 years old! All this month, we've asked people to share their FreeDOS stories about how they use FreeDOS. You can find them on our blog, including stories from Fritz, Imre, Shane, Marti, Gregory, Erwin, Rugxulo, and others. In addition, we've highlighted several interesting moments in FreeDOS history, including a history of the FreeDOS logo, a timeline of all FreeDOS distributions, an evolution of the FreeDOS website, and more. You can read everything on our celebration page at our blog: Happy 23rd birthday to FreeDOS.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-29

Unix-like utilities for FreeDOS: UPTIME

Developers have been updating and adding Unix-like utilities for FreeDOS. Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro has updated his UPTIME utility for FreeDOS. The latest version (2.40) includes separate 8086, 186 and 386 optimized versions. Previous versions added dash (-) and slash (/) switches separator, and uppercase switches. You can download it from the UPTIME website. Find all of the Unix-like utilities at the Unix directory at ibiblio.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-25

DOS Coreutils 0.4

Ercan is working on a DOS Coreutils project, to recreate several Linux commands in DOS. So far, DOS Coreutils includes commands like beep, cat, clear, cp, date, ls, mkdir/rmdir, pwd, time, and other commands. Source code is in C and compiles using OpenWatcom. Version 0.4 has minor fixes. Download from Ercan's DOS Coreutils Github.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-21

DOSEMU2 under development again

For those of you who prefer to boot FreeDOS under Linux, you may be interested to know that the DOSEMU2 PC emulator for DOS is under development again. The mailing list is not very busy, but the DOSEMU2 Github is very active. They are looking for contributors, so if this interests you, consider joining and helping out.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-20

DOSMid v0.9.2

DOSMid is a MIDI and MUS player for DOS. It's a real mode application designed to run on very modest hardware configurations. It plays standard MIDI files, as well as MIDI in RIFF (ie. RMID), and MUS tunes (as used by Id Software in numerous games like Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc). Mateusz Viste has released a new version of DOSMid (version 0.9.2), with these changes: - fixed parsing of the /SBMIDI=xxx value (bug reported by James-F) - sequential playlist playing (inspired by a patch from Graham Wiseman). Download the new version from the DOSMid website.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-12

A visual history of FreeDOS

Over on the FreeDOS Blog, we're capturing some interesting moments in FreeDOS history. This is part of a monthlong celebration of FreeDOS as we look ahead to our 23rd "birthday" on June 29. Check out several posts that present a visual history of FreeDOS, starting with a brief history of the FreeDOS logo. We also have a collection of FreeDOS banner ads and FreeDOS web buttons that our members once put on their own websites to help others discover FreeDOS.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-11

The FreeDOS blog challenge

This year on June 29, FreeDOS will turn 23 years old. And while there's nothing special about "23," I thought it would be interesting to have a bunch of us write about how we use FreeDOS. So I've started a FreeDOS Blog Challenge for you to write your "FreeDOS story." Write a blog post about how you first discovered FreeDOS, or about how you use FreeDOS, or about what you've done with FreeDOS, or about what you've contributed to FreeDOS. There are many ways to write a "FreeDOS story" - make it your own! Post your story as an item on your blog, and email Jim (jhall@freedos…) by June 28. (If you don't have a blog, email your story to Jim to get it posted as a "guest post" on the FreeDOS Blog.) We'll post an article on June 29 that links to everyone's stories, as part of the FreeDOS 23rd anniversary!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-06-04

How you can contribute to FreeDOS

Are you new to FreeDOS, and looking for a way to make a difference? We are always interested in new users to help us out! How you contribute to FreeDOS depends on your interests. Are you a developer? Or do you prefer to test software? There are other ways to help, too. A few options to get started in FreeDOS include fixing bugs, adding new features, or picking up an abandoned program. You might also port some Unix utilities for FreeDOS.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-05-30

FAST compiler and SOFA assembler

Bruce Axtens writes: "The source for the SOFA assembler and FAST compiler, version 2.92, has been given to me by the estate of the author Peter Campbell. I'd like to make it available to FreeDOS as another of its development languages." Bruce has released FAST and SOFA under the GNU GPL, and asked us to host the source code. You can find them at ibiblio, under devel/fast.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-05-29

DWOL - a tiny Wake-on-LAN for DOS

Mateusz Viste writes: DWOL is a tiny tool that computes and sends "Wake-on-LAN" packets. Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is an Ethernet standard that allows a computer to be turned on by a network message. The WOL technology has been designed by AMD back in 1995, and widely implemented inside many Ethernet chips and mainboards since then. DWOL is designed with two goals: being tiny (no bigger than a single floppy disk sector, that is 512 bytes), yet still performing proper input validation and providing the user with clear, friendly messages. MIT License.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-03-25

wcd 6.0.0

Wcd is a command-line program to change directory fast. It saves time typing at the keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory name and wcd will jump to it. Wcd has a fast selection method in case of multiple matches and allows aliasing and banning of directories. Wcd also includes a full screen interactive directory tree browser with speed search. Erwin Waterlander has released wcd 6.0.0. Changes in this version include: * New Danish and Serbian translations * New option -ls to list the aliases * Faster disk scanning for the 16 bit version * DJGPP makefile fixes for targets install and dist. For a list of all changes, see whatsnew.txt. Download at

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-02-24

Text User Interfaces for DOS

FDOSTUI is free source code for building text user interfaces. The language used is C++. It is inspired by the Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK). The latest version now supports using an INI file to configure your interface. The majority of the code and documentation is released into the public domain, with some modules derived from FLTK under the FLTK license. Read more at the FDOSTUI website.

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-02-14

EtherDFS - The Ethernet DOS File System

Mateusz Viste has created a new file sharing tool for FreeDOS and other DOS systems. EtherDFS is an 'installable filesystem' TSR for DOS that lets you share files between DOS and Linux over a network. It maps a drive from a remote computer (typically Linux-based) to a local drive letter, using raw ethernet frames to communicate. You can get EtherDFS files and documentation at the EtherDFS website.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-02-06

FreeDOS reaches 100,000 downloads

We released FreeDOS 1.2 on December 25, and since then we have seen keen interest in the latest version of FreeDOS. As of this morning on January 26, we have had 100,000 downloads of FreeDOS 1.2. We were so close to that number yesterday, but it was early this morning that we finally reached 100,000 downloads of FreeDOS 1.2. That's a just a month and a day to reach this major milestone. We think that's pretty impressive!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-01-26

FreeDOS on FLOSS Weekly

The FLOSS Weekly Show interviewed Jim Hall about our recent FreeDOS 1.2 release. It was a lot of fun to talk about the history of FreeDOS, and how people use FreeDOS today. You can watch the video or listen to the audio stream via the TWIT.TV network, as FLOSS Weekly #416. Thanks to Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps for the great interview!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-01-03

First week for FreeDOS 1.2

Since we released FreeDOS 1.2 a week ago, lots of people have downloaded the new version. In just the last week, FreeDOS 1.2 was downloaded almost 45,000 times! This plus the downloads of the FreeDOS 1.2 test release set a new download record for FreeDOS. We track monthly download stats for FreeDOS, and our peak recorded month was 69,600 downloads in 2014. We've averaged around 30,000 downloads per month over the last two years. In December 2016, we had over 85,000 downloads! Thanks to all our fans - you are amazing!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-01-01

FreeDOS 1.2 in the news

We released the FreeDOS 1.2 distribution on December 25, and this week many tech news sites have covered the new FreeDOS. We are tracking a complete timeline of interesting events in the FreeDOS Project, including links to articles, on our FreeDOS History page. Slashdot was the first to write about FreeDOS 1.2, but we've also seen coverage from Engadget Germany, LWN, Heise Online, PC Forum Hungary, FOSS Bytes, ZDNet Germany, PC Welt, Tom's Hardware, and Open Source Feed. And that's just a sample of the news! We've seen articles from the US, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy, and others. As always, if you see FreeDOS in the news, please tell us so we can add it to our list!

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-29

FreeDOS 1.2

We are proud to announce the release of FreeDOS 1.2! You can download it now from our Downloads page. This latest official FreeDOS distribution is the result of the hard work from many people. Thanks to everyone in the FreeDOS Project for their work towards this new release! There are too many of you to recognize individually, but you have all helped enormously. Thank you! I'm very excited for the new FreeDOS 1.2!
FreeDOS 1.2 features an all-new installer that makes it easy to install FreeDOS. After you install FreeDOS, try the FDIMPLES program to install new programs or to remove any you don't want. FDIMPLES makes it easy to customize your FreeDOS the way you want it.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-25

FreeDOS press kit

Are you writing an article about FreeDOS 1.2? Jim has written a press kit about the history of FreeDOS and the development of FreeDOS 1.2. With this press kit, I wanted to provide some additional information and resources about the FreeDOS 1.2 release. If you are writing an article about FreeDOS, feel free to use this information to help you. The press kit also includes a bunch of screenshots and other images that you can use. You can download everything here:

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-18

FreeDOS in the news

Here's a brief highlight of some of the ways our upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 distribution is getting attention. Jim wrote an article "FOSS DOS for 21st Century Hardware" for FOSS Force Magazine, Generation Amiga wrote about the FreeDOS 1.2 coming at end of 2016, WatchStor described the upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 as a Christmas "gift" and ComputerWorld even mentioned FreeDOS in writing about "MS-DOS lives on after all." We'll also distribute a press kit soon, for anyone planning to write an article about FreeDOS. The RC1 and RC2 test releases were downloaded over 45,400 times in November, so thanks to everyone for testing the new version and helping us find issues before our official FreeDOS 1.2 release on December 25.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-12

FreeDOS 1.2 RC2

We are almost ready for the new FreeDOS 1.2 release! Please help us to test this new version. Download the FreeDOS 1.2 RC2 (“Release Candidate 2”) and try it out. If you already have an operating system on your computer (such as Linux or Windows) we recommend you install FreeDOS 1.2 RC2 in a PC emulator or “virtual machine.” Report any issues to the freedos-devel email list. You can find the updated files on our download page or at ibiblio.
If you're having network problems with FreeDOS under VirtualBox, please update your VirtualBox to version 5.1.10, which fixes a compatibility bug from VirtualBox 5.1.8.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-11-24

FreeDOS 1.2 RC1

FreeDOS 1.2 is almost ready, and you can help us with the final release! Please download the FreeDOS 1.2 "RC1" ("Release Candidate 1") and test it. This is a great time to test compatibility, latest versions, etc. Report any issues to the freedos-devel email list. You can find the updated files on our download page or at ibiblio.
Note: We are aware of the networking problem in VirtualBox; this may be a FreeDOS configuration issue or the packet driver being used with VirtualBox. VMware Fusion 8.1.1 works fine once the VM is configured for bridged mode.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-10-31

Getting ready for FreeDOS 1.2

Have you been testing the pre-releases of the upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 release? Jerome and others have been doing a great job putting this together, and I think we are almost "there" for a final FreeDOS 1.2 release. We have only a few minor changes based on the latest 1.2-pre23. So we are planning the next one to be the release candidate! We are looking at the following release schedule:
10/31 - FreeDOS 1.2 RC1
11/24 - FreeDOS 1.2 RC2
12/25 - FreeDOS 1.2 official release

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-10-05

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