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EtherDFS - The Ethernet DOS File System

Mateusz Viste has created a new file sharing tool for FreeDOS and other DOS systems. EtherDFS is an 'installable filesystem' TSR for DOS that lets you share files between DOS and Linux over a network. It maps a drive from a remote computer (typically Linux-based) to a local drive letter, using raw ethernet frames to communicate. You can get EtherDFS files and documentation at the EtherDFS website.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-02-06

FreeDOS reaches 100,000 downloads

We released FreeDOS 1.2 on December 25, and since then we have seen keen interest in the latest version of FreeDOS. As of this morning on January 26, we have had 100,000 downloads of FreeDOS 1.2. We were so close to that number yesterday, but it was early this morning that we finally reached 100,000 downloads of FreeDOS 1.2. That's a just a month and a day to reach this major milestone. We think that's pretty impressive!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-01-26

FreeDOS on FLOSS Weekly

The FLOSS Weekly Show interviewed Jim Hall about our recent FreeDOS 1.2 release. It was a lot of fun to talk about the history of FreeDOS, and how people use FreeDOS today. You can watch the video or listen to the audio stream via the TWIT.TV network, as FLOSS Weekly #416. Thanks to Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps for the great interview!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-01-03

First week for FreeDOS 1.2

Since we released FreeDOS 1.2 a week ago, lots of people have downloaded the new version. In just the last week, FreeDOS 1.2 was downloaded almost 45,000 times! This plus the downloads of the FreeDOS 1.2 test release set a new download record for FreeDOS. We track monthly download stats for FreeDOS, and our peak recorded month was 69,600 downloads in 2014. We've averaged around 30,000 downloads per month over the last two years. In December 2016, we had over 85,000 downloads! Thanks to all our fans - you are amazing!

Posted by Jim Hall 2017-01-01

FreeDOS 1.2 in the news

We released the FreeDOS 1.2 distribution on December 25, and this week many tech news sites have covered the new FreeDOS. We are tracking a complete timeline of interesting events in the FreeDOS Project, including links to articles, on our FreeDOS History page. Slashdot was the first to write about FreeDOS 1.2, but we've also seen coverage from Engadget Germany, LWN, Heise Online, PC Forum Hungary, FOSS Bytes, ZDNet Germany, PC Welt, Tom's Hardware, and Open Source Feed. And that's just a sample of the news! We've seen articles from the US, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy, and others. As always, if you see FreeDOS in the news, please tell us so we can add it to our list!

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-29

FreeDOS 1.2

We are proud to announce the release of FreeDOS 1.2! You can download it now from our Downloads page. This latest official FreeDOS distribution is the result of the hard work from many people. Thanks to everyone in the FreeDOS Project for their work towards this new release! There are too many of you to recognize individually, but you have all helped enormously. Thank you! I'm very excited for the new FreeDOS 1.2!
FreeDOS 1.2 features an all-new installer that makes it easy to install FreeDOS. After you install FreeDOS, try the FDIMPLES program to install new programs or to remove any you don't want. FDIMPLES makes it easy to customize your FreeDOS the way you want it.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-25

FreeDOS press kit

Are you writing an article about FreeDOS 1.2? Jim has written a press kit about the history of FreeDOS and the development of FreeDOS 1.2. With this press kit, I wanted to provide some additional information and resources about the FreeDOS 1.2 release. If you are writing an article about FreeDOS, feel free to use this information to help you. The press kit also includes a bunch of screenshots and other images that you can use. You can download everything here:

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-18

FreeDOS in the news

Here's a brief highlight of some of the ways our upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 distribution is getting attention. Jim wrote an article "FOSS DOS for 21st Century Hardware" for FOSS Force Magazine, Generation Amiga wrote about the FreeDOS 1.2 coming at end of 2016, WatchStor described the upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 as a Christmas "gift" and ComputerWorld even mentioned FreeDOS in writing about "MS-DOS lives on after all." We'll also distribute a press kit soon, for anyone planning to write an article about FreeDOS. The RC1 and RC2 test releases were downloaded over 45,400 times in November, so thanks to everyone for testing the new version and helping us find issues before our official FreeDOS 1.2 release on December 25.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-12-12

FreeDOS 1.2 RC2

We are almost ready for the new FreeDOS 1.2 release! Please help us to test this new version. Download the FreeDOS 1.2 RC2 (“Release Candidate 2”) and try it out. If you already have an operating system on your computer (such as Linux or Windows) we recommend you install FreeDOS 1.2 RC2 in a PC emulator or “virtual machine.” Report any issues to the freedos-devel email list. You can find the updated files on our download page or at ibiblio.
If you're having network problems with FreeDOS under VirtualBox, please update your VirtualBox to version 5.1.10, which fixes a compatibility bug from VirtualBox 5.1.8.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-11-24

FreeDOS 1.2 RC1

FreeDOS 1.2 is almost ready, and you can help us with the final release! Please download the FreeDOS 1.2 "RC1" ("Release Candidate 1") and test it. This is a great time to test compatibility, latest versions, etc. Report any issues to the freedos-devel email list. You can find the updated files on our download page or at ibiblio.
Note: We are aware of the networking problem in VirtualBox; this may be a FreeDOS configuration issue or the packet driver being used with VirtualBox. VMware Fusion 8.1.1 works fine once the VM is configured for bridged mode.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-10-31

Getting ready for FreeDOS 1.2

Have you been testing the pre-releases of the upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 release? Jerome and others have been doing a great job putting this together, and I think we are almost "there" for a final FreeDOS 1.2 release. We have only a few minor changes based on the latest 1.2-pre23. So we are planning the next one to be the release candidate! We are looking at the following release schedule:
10/31 - FreeDOS 1.2 RC1
11/24 - FreeDOS 1.2 RC2
12/25 - FreeDOS 1.2 official release

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-10-05

More FreeDOS in the news

The upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 is starting to get some attention. Some recent coverage: named FreeDOS as their September 2016 Staff Pick Of The Month. Also in September, wrote about FreeDOS as Keeping DOS alive and kicking with open source - an article that also ranked in the top five most-read articles that week! As always, we track these and other news items on our FreeDOS History timeline. If you see FreeDOS in the news, and it's not on our History page, please let us know!

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-09-25

Blocek 1.5b editor

Blocek is a text editor for DOS with unicode support. It means that unlike other DOS editors you are not limited to your current code page. It allows you to edit multilanguage documents, translate texts from one language to another, write modern web pages and so on. Alternatively can be also used as image viewer (BMP, PCX, GIF, PNG, JPG and WMF). Blocek 1.5b is a minor version with new features, including: + now can display the Exif info in JPEG files and export the Exif data; + can resize big images to optimaly fit the screen; + can now properly display the semi-standard VGA fonts; and bug fixes. Download from here: Blocek website.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-09-01

Podcast: FreeDOS keeps classic computing alive

The LPX Podcast recently posted an interview with Jim about FreeDOS. From the podcast website: "A generation of computer users grew up using Microsoft DOS in the 80s and 90s, but Microsoft started to phase out the operating system with the launch of Windows 95. Decades later, there are still people playing DOS-based games and even corporations using DOS-based software. For more than two decades the developers of FreeDOS have been offering a free and open source alternative to Microsoft’s defunct operating system. I reached out to Jim Hall for a conversation about FreeDOS, classic computing, and free software." The podcast episode is about 30 minutes.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-08-14

Looking for new developers for FDSHELL

If you are new to FreeDOS and are looking for how to contribute, may I suggest the FDSHELL program? This project aims to implement similar functionality to the old MS-DOS DOSSHELL.EXE program: a file manager, application launcher, and task switcher as either a TUI or GUI. Written in VisualBASIC For DOS (with some Assembly) the program hasn't been updated since at least 2013; development stalled at version 0.10(beta). It would be great to see new development on this interesting program. For example, you might use FLTK for the GUI, or update the program to use C/C++.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-07-23

Links 2.13

On July 1, mikulas released Links 2.13, the lightweight web browser for both text and graphics modes. Read the changelog, grab (GPLv2+) sources, and grab DJGPP binaries, also mirrored on iBiblio. Thanks!

Posted by Anthony Williams 2016-07-09

DOSMid v0.9

Mateusz Viste has released DOSMid v0.9. The new version includes a bunch of fixes and features, including: - solves buffering troubles on MT-32 gears - fixes around how OPL percussion instruments are emulated - support for custom sound banks (IBK on OPL, SBK on AWE) - sound hardware is initialized once, instead of being inited for every song - reorganized the display so more MIDI textual data fits on the screen. You can download the new release at

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-05-21

GCC 6.1.0 (/current/ DJGPP 2.05)

On April 28, the DJGPP developers released their compiler builds of the GCC 6.1.0 suite for various languages (C, C++, Ada, Fortran). You can grab binaries (and GPL'd sources) from your nearest mirror. Thanks to DJ, Juan, Andris, Eli, and more!

Posted by Anthony Williams 2016-05-11

Testing the latest pre-release

Have you checked out the latest pre-release version of the updated FreeDOS installer by Jerome Shidel? Things are shaping up very well. Jerome writes with this note: "Highly experimental FreeDOS 1.2 installation program. So, I recommend only running it in a virtual machine or on a test machine." The 1.2 pre-release is looking pretty good. Get it at the FDI website.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-04-18

Updated picoSNTP v0.9.1

Mateusz Viste writes with this update: "picoSNTP v0.9.1 fixes an obvious bug that I somehow missed the first time (shame on me). Specifically, picoSNTP was synchronizing the system's time fine, but not the date. That's fixed now. Credits to Rugxulo for kindly reporting it!" Download at picoSNTP.

Posted by Jim Hall 2016-04-18

NASM 2.12 (386+)

On Feb. 26, hpa and pals released NASM 2.12. Download binaries and (BSD) sources at their website or mirrored at iBiblio under /devel/asm/nasm/.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2016-02-28

picoSNTP: sync network time

picoSNTP is an SNTP client for DOS. It allows to easily synchronize the computer's RTC clock using an external NTP server. picoTCP is based on the picoTCP network stack. Requirements are pretty low: - 8086 - 200K of free RAM - a working packet driver - a properly configured picoTCP. Download at picoSNTP website.

Posted by Jim Hall 2015-11-30

FDNPKG 0.99.3

Mateusz Viste has released version 0.99.3 of FDNPKG, the FreeDOS Network Package Manager. This is a bugfix release. If you are running FDNPKG, please update to the latest version. Bugs fixed in this version include: - files zipped as uncompressed are extracted correctly - closing file descriptors on install failure (no risk of trashing the disk). Download at FDNPKG website. Or type: FDNPKG UPDATE FDNPKG

Posted by Jim Hall 2015-11-29

FreePascal 3.0.0

On Nov. 25, the FreePascal developers released FPC 3.0.0. You can check the new features, read the online docs, or download binaries and GPLv2 sources from either SourceForge or iBiblio mirror. Note that cross-compilers for the new i8086-msdos target also exist (but not for Go32v2 host yet).

Posted by Anthony Williams 2015-11-28

picoTCP: TCP/IP stack for DOS

Mateusz Viste writes with news about a new project, porting picoTCP to DOS. "picoTCP is a modern, dual-stack, open-source TCP/IP stack. Created by Intelligent Systems (Altran) primarily as a stack for embedded computing. It is backed by a well established corporation and actively maintained. I played with the stack for some time now, and built a DOS compatibility layer around it. Here it is, the first public release of picoTCP for DOS! The project contains three major parts: (1) ipcfg, to configure networking (2) ping (3) an OpenWatcom library to use with network-enabled 16-bit DOS programs."

Posted by Jim Hall 2015-11-19