#87 MINED -E=CP862 doesn't enable bidi

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When using Hebrew (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3440038&group_id=5109&atid=105109) I see no difference whatsoever between MINDED and MINED -E=CP862

This is even though kpdos.htm states:
(13) FreeDOS does not handle bidi scripts natively. A proper bidi text editor
is required; tested with Mined only. Usage: "MINED -E=CPxxx", typed in
uppercase (xxx=856 won't work on Mined).

Can you please test it again?


  • lwc

    lwc - 2011-12-23

    Mined's author himself (Thomas Wolff) has no idea where you came up that -E enabled bidi support.

    It's -u that enabled bidi support. Mined detects the codepage by itself so there's no need to use -E.

    So please fix this issue by editing the aforementioned page to just state "MINED -u".

  • lwc

    lwc - 2012-09-22

    Actually, even "-u" is not needed because Mined auto-enables bidi support.

    So running just Mined.exe by itself is enough. Please fix the documentation accordingly.

  • lwc

    lwc - 2012-09-22
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