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erlide 0.28.2

Even if the SF location is not used, maybe someone still listens: we're alive and kicking.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2014-05-22

erlide 0.17.2

I haven't been announcing here lately, but maybe I should do it once in a year :-)

Version 0.17.2 is available from

  • Eclipse 3.6, Java 6 and Erlang R14 are the minimum requirements
  • the debugger has been upgraded to R15
  • (and many, many fixes since the last announcements from 2010)
Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2012-09-17

Old news all over again?

Sourceforge has upgraded their platform and it looks like this means that the news streams were recreated and thus all the old posts were published again. Sorry for that. I will soon publish a real update, to remove any confusion.


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2012-09-15

[erlide] Regular update site upgraded

The regular update site at has been updated to the now not so new p2 update manager format. Only the latest 0.8.3 build is available there.

Older stable releases are to be found at, if needed.

This is so that we can appear on the Eclipse marketplace, which will be integrated in Eclipse in the upcoming 3.6 version.


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2010-06-19

[erlide] Dropped support for R11

Version is the last to support R11, unless it will be required by enough users (or payed for with enough beers!) This is because R14 can no longer load R11 beam files and we don't have resources to keep two tracks alive.

Version is functionally identical except that the Erlang code is compiled with R12.


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2010-06-17

erlide 0.7.3

A new release of erlide is available, with following (user visible) changes from 0.7.0:

  • 468-split-erlang-code-so-that-compiler-backend-can-use-R11
  • 487-configure-report-directory'
  • fix #480: import wizard doesn't descend in subdirectories
  • 490-External-Files-project-closed'
  • 257--type---navigate-from-spec-to-declared-type'
  • 476-open-module-dialog--allow-inexact-matches'
  • 444 - text selected randomly in editor
  • 472-launch--extra-arguments-to-runtime-don-t-get-used
  • 469-editor---erlang-reconciler-still-broken'... read more
Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2010-01-18

erlide 0.7.0

We're glad to announce that a new release of erlide is available.

We managed to fix a big issue with seemingly random crashes of the Erlang backend, traced finally to major memory consumption.

Other fixed issues:
- delayed startup of backend until really needed
- fix NPE if .erlang.cookie is empty
- builder: now twice as fast (parallel) and interruptible
- added "report problems" on help menu
- added option to start internal backends with short name
- some console improvements (more to follow, it's not perfect yet!): no more ide console, use run/debug to start; stdout is captured (#221)
- 147 Debugger - interpret and un-interpret modules
- 243 debugger: show the current stack even outside interpreted code
- 355 debugger - terminated processes with stack look like they're running
- 390 scanner and parser - should only update caches on save etc
- 402 overriden 'int' module lacks functionality of the original one
- 426 start backend on a standalone node. Only start+console+codeloading are supported
- 441 add "system info" functionality
- 451 ErlFolder.getModules(IParent) is very slow
- 457 builder: scan for TODO without a full scan

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-11-03

Moving repository to GitHub

We have moved the code repository to because we are going to have to support several branches of development and Git is better at that than Svn. We also hope to get more contributions from the community :-)


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-10-26

erlIDE 0.6.3 supports R13B01

We discovered that R13B01 created some incompatibilities and this release fixed them. There is also an assortment of small bug fixes (but not many, this time).

Get it from

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-06-11

erlIDE 0.6.1

A maintenance release.
Fixed issues:
322 Debugger - Keep debug context even if the process is killed (works in OTP debugger)
150 Show multiple nodes in debug tree when debugging is distributed
343 debugger - breakpoints - group on type gives Others (type unspecified)
360 runtimes - add default runtime after installation of erlide
361 crash when indenting region with c-i when text contains tab
363 macro completion not working
365 hover over non-folded comment shows popup
367 completion - better layout of documentation
369 command to reset scanner and parser caches
344 navigation - F3 goes wrong if call contains fun -> a/1.
plus some other minor bugs.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-05-18

erlIDE 0.6.0

A lot of bug fixes and also:

  • Eclipse 3.4 only
  • Support for Erlang R13
  • Improved debugger
  • Refactoring with Wrangler

See the complete list of changes at

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-04-28

Erlide 0.5.1 + Wrangler refactoring

This is the first release targeting Eclipse 3.4.

The big news is that we are now including experimental Wrangler refactoring support! György Orosz has put together the required Eclipse scaffolding and we will appreciate all the feedback we can get.

Otherwise, there are some bugs that have been fixed, see the ChangeLog for details.

/Vlad, Jakob and György

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-03-09

Released erlide 0.5.0: the Erlang IDE

We have been working hard to fix bugs and add new
functionality and today we are proud to be able to release version 0.5.0! Now you can do your Erlang development with less hassle, and the fun part is that there's a lot more to come in the pipeline.

The project's site is at

The Eclipse update site is at or

For those that have been using out unstable releases, there are only few new things. For the others, a list of some of the new things can be found in the ChangeLog (link below). ... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2009-03-04

Erlide 0.4.3

See below for changelog.

There is also a "Feedback" option on the project's homepage, where everybody can suggest features or report bugs and vote for those they feel are most important.

Better handling of open external (and first try to get external files in completion)
added isSourcePathParent
commented out call to inexistent erlang function
fixed tree checkmarks
fixed memory leak
Setting beam files as derived even when not compiling them #207
fixed logging messages
cleaned up static instance creation for BackendManager and RuntimeInfoManager
fixed resource leak on mailboxes (leading to slowness and timeouts)
Fixed bug with imported projects
Added accept for visitor
created an alternative builder
improved buider responsiveness (better progress and also responds to cancel)
removed annoying printout
modified checking for hrl files in a delta
included Base64 that is otherwise eclipse-internal
Fixed the annoying "feature" that the navigator expands modules in Link-mode
Caches working again
moved BackendManager.getDefault and RuntimeInfoManager.getDefault to ErlangCore
added project type property (normal, reference, otp) see #204
fixed NPE
fixed completion of local modules
Used ErlidePrefConverter.convertToList when I should have used PreferencesUtils.unpackList. One of them should be removed!
fixed reserved words
Ticket #183
added larger timeout for reparse operation
hasChildren returns always true for files (instead of opening them -- slow!)
creating task markers only when building the file
Fixed autocompletion #112
Fixed outline and scanner sync. #125
syntax highlight now shows reserved words
Fixed issues with Completion proposals ... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-12-27

Erlide 0.4.2

Fixed some issues with 0.4.1

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-12-02

Erlide 0.4.1

Some bugs were fixed.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-11-29

Erlide 0.4.0 !

Finally, the 0.4 release is here!

We now have a functioning debugger, much better stability and a lot of smaller features that are waiting to be explored!

Please check the documentation inside Eclipse or at for more details.

Please note that if you used older versions you might have to reinstall the Erlang runtime: go to "Window-> Preferences-> Erlang-> Installed runtimes" to check.... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-11-21

Update site

For a while, we used a separate update site for unstable releases, but now we removed it and there is only one site to go to:

There are two categories, if you install from the "unstable" one then expect things to not be at their best.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-08-19

SVN issues

Since SourceForge has issues with SVN at the moment, we replicated the repository to

best regards,

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-07-31

Erlide 0.3.54

This is probably the last release before 0.4. We have a lot of improvements, mainly regarding:
- stability
- performance (compiling, parsing)
- navigation (go to function/macro definition/included file)
- indenting code
- preferences for many settings were added
- several bugs were fixed
- I'm sure I'm forgetting some nice features too, but on the other hand mentioning everything would shrink the pleasure of the discovery :-)... read more

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-06-02


  • A long-time standing bug has been fixed, where the text went out of synch with the internal model and caused weird behaviour for the outline and other features.
  • The indentation code is much better, I'd say it's almost done.
  • Some stability issues have been fixed.


Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-04-27

Erlide 0.3.43

Maintenance release
fixed an outline bug
from 0.3.42:
updated a NPE when opening files
* eclipse starts even if the erlang installation isn't properly configured (but of course the functionality isn't available). After reconfiguring, a restart is required.

Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-04-03

Erlide 0.3.40

It's been too long since last... there are many improvements, I will only name the ones I remember:

  • R12 should now be supported (but not for developing erlide itself)
  • console is better, and has even syntax highlighting
  • ETS tables with lexical and parsing data are removed when editor is closed
  • lexical scanning is done more lazily (saving memory)
  • caching is done for documentation and file structure ("go to function")
  • included files are handled properly (definitions are found)
  • simple completion of module names in editor... read more
Posted by Vlad Dumitrescu 2008-04-01

Erlide 0.3.36

Available on the update site

Bugfixes and new features:
Improved outline, less crashes and better synchronizing with the editor
Improved double-click and paren-matching
External erl-modules for navigation can be specified in project properties
Error- and warning-icons in navigator

Posted by Jakob C 2007-11-28

Erlide 0.3.33

Available on the update site

Offers the following features:
* Sort function in Outline.
* Hyperlink style navigation.
* Improved logging output & API.
* Improved IBackend RPC API, now using automatic conversions from Java types.
* Fixed:
o parsing of -ifdef(Var).
o problems reported by FindBugs.
o editor menu.
o problem when copy a source .erl file to an erlang project.
o [ 1631936 ] Eclipse hangs on loading org.erlide.ui.
o [ 1782905 ] go to definition of io:format.
o [ 1788266 ] Toggle Comment do it wrong.
o [ 1796993 ] Update erl_parse and erl_scan to R11B-5.
o [ 1797944 ] Paren matching works badly.
o [ 1797954 ] Scanner problems.... read more

Posted by TomasD 2007-09-25