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The Constrained Manipulation Planning Suite (CoMPS) consists of three openrave plugins and associated data files. The planning and inverse kinematics algorithms in this suite are designed for articulated robots like robotic arms and humanoids.

CoMPS is implemented in C++ and compiles in linux only. There are also several examples in python and matlab that show how to interface with openrave to use the plugins in CoMPS. It has been tested on all Ubuntu version from the last few years and will probably work with most modern linux distributions.



CoMPS was developed as part of my PhD thesis at Carnegie Mellon University for my work on the Intel Personal Robotics Project. If you use CoMPS in a publication, please cite:

author = "Dmitry Berenson and Siddhartha Srinivasa and James Kuffner",
title = "Task Space Regions: A Framework for Pose-Constrained Manipulation Planning",
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