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Not Currently Maintained

This project is not currently being maintained. If you want to take over, please contact the (not)maintainer.

Posted by Toby Rule 2014-01-12

Unstable 0.4.03x - Plotting in LibreOffice

Unstable release 0.4.03x provides for plotxy functionality in LibreOffice 3.4. This feature was previously broken in LibreOffice. However, it is NOW broken in OpenOffice, and may not be fixed, unless LibO and OOO reconcile their API / SDK. In order to support OOO AND LibO, I may need to start compiling using different SDK's.

I also disabled the features which caused vectors in comma-separated lists to be concatenated automatically. As a result, plotxy now works a bit differently - each x and y series MUST be its own column-vector.... read more

Posted by Toby Rule 2012-01-03

NoIDE Branch

Current development is taking place on the NoIDE branch. Dependence on NetBeans has been removed, so it should be easier to hack on. The build process involves installing the necessary libraries, fixing the path definitions in the build file, and type "ant" to build the .oxt file. "ant deploy" will build and deploy in OOO or LibO. If you have questions, email the mailing list. Eventually I'll add more details to the build faq.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-11-05

An online version of CompPad is under development. An online version of the Harmonic Oscillator example is located here:
Some basic instructions are included on this page. It has been tested with Firefox and Chrome. It does not yet work with IE.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-06-13

CompPad 0.3.04_a released

Changes in this version:
* Fixed handling of incorrect arguments for floor, ceil, round.
* Fixed incorrect result when trying to divide a scalar by a matrix.
* Added unicode sybols for pi and ohm
* Defined "hour" unit
* Fixed argument order in matrix subtraction

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-04-30

CompPad 0.3.03 released

* Fixed error with display of units with fractional exponents where the numerator is not one.
* Added ~ and ` characters to whitespace tokenizing, so that the newline keyword can be used to separate lines before or after the equals sign.
* Fixed x and y labeling in OpenOffice.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-04-06

CompPad 0.3.02 Released

* Fixed bug with display of units with fractional exponents
* Fixed bug with floor, ceil
* Added Siemens and statsiemens to unit system, fixed misspelled statsiemens
* Changed version numbering to follow OpenOffice recommendations

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-04-02

CompPad released

CompPad has been released. This release features a number of improvements, including displaying of results directly in the formula, improved units of measure support, and other features. For more information, check out the UserGuide in the wiki.

Note that your documents based on CompPad 0.2 will need to be updated to work with CompPad 0.3.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-03-25

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Posted by Toby Rule 2011-02-23

Unstable Release 0.3.x.7_rev257

This release fixes evaluation of formulas in tables.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-02-15

Unstable Release 0.3.x.6

This release includes significant changes to units of measure, including more convenient abbreviations, ability to change unit systems, and ability to specify a default unit to display. For example:


causes all result to be printed using US customary units. "SI", "US" and "CGS" systems are supported. I am still in the process of adding more of the unit groupings to the unit systems so that things like capacitance or heat flux get automatically displayed using relevant combinations of units. ... read more

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-02-13

Installation FAQ

If you encounter problems upgrading CompPad, check the FAQ:

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-01-28

Developer Release 0.3.x.5_rev241

This release fixes some bugs, such as a "NullPointerException" that occurred on long documents, and adds features, including:
(1) setThousandsSeparator(".") sets thousands separator to whatever you like;
(2) The edit field is updated with the new formula text after it is evaluated;
(3) Expressions surrounded by braces {} at the outer level are not evaluated, eg: {this is not evaluated}. ... read more

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-01-26

0.3.x.4 is the REAL rev235

By mistake, 0.3.x.3_rev235 is not really rev235 - I think it's rev234. I released the TRUE rev235 as 0.3.x.4, which includes support for a couple more features, including setDecimalSeparator(",")

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-01-22

Developer Release 0.3.x.3

Developer release 0.3.x.3 is available for download. Almost all the 0.2 features have been tested to at least not through an error in this release except for "color". However, test coverage isn't great, so please beware of unexpected results. Your feedback is always appreciated!

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-01-17

Developer Release 0.3.x.2

Developer Release 0.3.x.2 has been released to Unstable. More features now work than don't, but please remember that this version is still highly experimental. Check the Trac wiki (under Hosted Apps) for version 0.3 example documents.

Posted by Toby Rule 2011-01-11

Developer Release 0.3.x.1

Developer Release 0.3.x.1 has been posted to Unstable. This release demonstrates a number of new features that will be implemented in 0.3, including importing expressions from a text file, more flexible variable and function names, and better handling of units of measure in the results. You can download a demo document here:

Posted by Toby Rule 2010-12-17 Released to Stable

Version has been released to Stable. New features include: Faster formula editing using toolbar edit field; User-defined functions; Improved error messages; Improved default plotxy formatting.

Posted by Toby Rule 2010-05-02

Unstable 0.2.x.5 - Error messages, edit field

Unstable release 0.2.x.5 is available for download. Error messages have been clarified, and bug fixes were applied to the formula edit field.

Posted by Toby Rule 2010-04-21

Unstable 0.2.x.4 - new toolbar, bug fix

Unstable release 0.2.x.4 implements a new toolbar with a formula editor field that works similar to the formula bar in OOOCalc. This release also fixes a parsing bug and allows changing the color used to comment expressions to something other than "blue" using 'CommentColor := "green"' for instance. Remember to re-start OpenOffice after installing the new plug-in. Please report your experience to the mailing list!

Posted by Toby Rule 2010-04-09

Unstable release 0.2.x.1

Unstable release 0.2.x.1 supports user defined functions. For example:
f ( x , y ) := x + y
This release also allows functions to be assigned to other variables, and passed as arguments to other functions. See updated CompPadDemo.odt document for details.

Posted by Toby Rule 2010-03-07

CompPad Experimental Release 3 implements new features

CompPad is an open-source alternative to MathCad, implemented as an extension to Writer.

Eperimental Release 3, based on Subversion Rev. 43, demonstrates a framework for handling units of measure, vectors, matrices, and complex numbers, although this implementation is still incomplete.

This experimental release is implemented as an extension. In version 3, installation should be as simple as opening the file CompPad_r43.oxt using the File->Open... menu, or else the extension manager under Tools->Extension Manager... menu. will then prompt you to install the extension.... read more

Posted by Toby Rule 2009-05-11

Updated Experimental Release - demo 2 rev. 29

A new experimental version of CompPad has been released. It has been tested using Java 5 and 6, in OpenOffice 2 and 3. The source code is embedded in the .jar file, which is embedded in the .odt file.

Posted by Toby Rule 2009-01-25

Experimental Release

The experimental release under "Downloads" currently only works on OpenOffice 3.0 with Java 1.6.

Posted by Toby Rule 2009-01-17