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Unstable 0.4.03x - Plotting in LibreOffice

Unstable release 0.4.03x provides for plotxy functionality in LibreOffice 3.4. This feature was previously broken in LibreOffice. However, it is NOW broken in OpenOffice, and may not be fixed, unless LibO and OOO reconcile their API / SDK. In order to support OOO AND LibO, I may need to start compiling using different SDK's.

I also disabled the features which caused vectors in comma-separated lists to be concatenated automatically. As a result, plotxy now works a bit differently - each x and y series MUST be its own column-vector.

Also, in the process of testing this, I found that slicing is broken - eg. "A sub {0 dotslow 10, 2} " doesn't return the 3rd column of A - So this will be the next fix.

Posted by Toby Rule 2012-01-03

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