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ENHANCEMENT: Workflow maps readable via WebDAV
BUGFIX: gracefully deny PUT, DELETE, and MKCOL on Projects folder
ENHANCEMENT: implement creation and deletion of named calendars via WebDAV
USERAGENT: do not send Redirects (HTTP/301) responses to cadaver
USERAGENT: add a default value for win32creationtime property on objects in WebDAV
ENHANCEMENT: implemented mail-to-task in SMTP listener
ENHANCEMENT: included Attachment information in Omphalos detail level 1
ENHANCEMENT: implemented sendMailMessages workflow action
ENHANCEMENT: implemented imapFetchMail workflow action
ENHANCEMENT: implemented HomeFolder in WebDAV protocol
ENHANCEMENT: implmeneted ldapAddAction workflow action
ENHANCEMENT: implemented LOCALE support in Simple Fixed Field format
ENHANCEMENT: SMTP receiver will not store all messages for a minimum period of time, even if they are not messages that can be processed.
ENHANCEMENT: implemented LOCATE support in Nested Fixed Field format
BUGFIX: repaired functionality of coils-auth-user testing tool
ENHANCEMENT: implemented allowOverwrite toggle in sftpPutFileAction
BUGFIX: impossible to activiate businessCard mode in putObject fixed

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 5 days ago

New Release: 0.1.49rc106

  • BUGFIX: resovled ticket#298 Ending "/" creates a unnamed from in messageToDocumentAction
  • BUGFIX: include "v" & "l" in full permissions
  • BUGFIX: correctly extend "r" permissions as "rvl", and "v" as "vl"
  • ENHANCEMENT: mechanism to backfill document version checksum values
  • ENHANCEMENT: add coils-fix-clean-thumbnail-folder
  • BUGFIX: property manage object property deletions
  • ENHANCEMENT: implement the object_type attribute on ObjectProperty entity
  • ENHANCEMENT: support retrieving ics via AttachFS
  • CHANGE: push object-id related results to the start of a Vista search result rather than appending to the end
  • BUGFIX: process::get does not drop processes without markup from result
  • BUGFIX: resolved ticket#137, logger & messages that are not a list or tuple
  • ENHANCEMENT: Record process creation on route audit log
  • ENHANCMENT: optionally log process creation
  • ENHANCEMENT: support multiple auto-print queue targets
  • ENHANCEMENT: allow "permissions" to be provisioned on the Project itself
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2016-07-18 Labels: release news

BLOG Post On Task Rules

See the project BLOG for a new post on task rules

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2015-08-22

Converting Repositories To Git

Code repositories are being converted to Git. Read-access to Mercurial repositories has been restricted to administrators and write operations are no longer permitted. Use of the Git repository is now required. We are in the process of updating Makefiles, etc... to use the Git URLs. Use of MQ [Mercurial Patch Queues] will be replaced with use of Git topic branches.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2015-08-01 Labels: code git mq

OpenGroupware Coils Release 0.1.49rc89

Significant Changes

  • OIE xpathMergeAction enhance to support insert-at and insert-into functionality (FEATURE)
  • Code-page related exception messages from reading records via SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat contain field and row identity (FEATURE)
  • Watcher component now processes audit messages in units prevent event storms (PERFORMANCE)
  • Thumbnail component now retrieved thumbsnails from OASIS (LibreOffice) documents which contain thumbnails. (FEATURE)
  • "logs" relation defined on ORM entity Process
  • WebDAV presentation correctly lables input/output messages in ProcessFolder (BUGFIX)
  • EnableEscapedEndQuote hack implemented in SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat (FEATURE)
  • Workflow processes now record run control related information into the entity audit log (FEATURE)
  • Overhaul of process run control in relation to singleton routes (PERFORMANCE)
  • Improved exception handing in DIF format read.
  • "coils.blob.event" service reliable closes idle database connections (PERFORMANCE)
  • A route entity may be deleted when its BPML cannot be found (BUGFIX)
  • The workflow manager now routinely records its state/condition into a server property (FEATURE)
  • sqlUpdateAction now support label subsitution for the primaryKeys parameter (FEATURE)
  • Implemented sendMessageAction for sending a workflow message from one process to another process (FEATURE).
  • Process hierarchy implemented (FEATURE)
  • Workflow messages which are tar archives many be unpacked by queueAction (FEATURE)
  • XLS formats now implement startRow correctly (BUGFIX)
  • Overhaul of Lock management (PERFORMANCE)
  • Priority of a process may now be set at creation via URL parameter (FEATURE).
  • Database connections are automatically initialized to the UTC time zone.
  • simpleFilterAction can be applied to multiple fields (FEATURE)
  • Object links may now be created on an object when only insert privileges are held by the context on the sync target.
  • Syncronization of object link lists improved (PERFORMANCE).
  • A comparison to a NULL value in simpleFilterAction is now automatically False.
  • zOGI support of objectLink update/creation via putObject implemented (FEATURE).
  • The Omphalos Team attribute isTeamJob has been dropped, rarely used, expensive to calculate (PERFORMANCE).
  • Type manager no longer tries to discover the type of an objectId zero reference (PERFORMANCE)
  • Echoing and detail logging of ORM operations can be controlled via the COILS_ORM_LOGGING environment variable (ADMINSTRATION)
  • simpleFilterAction now only compiles a regular expression once per action rather than once per row (PERFORMANCE)
  • strings written via SimpleFixedRecordFormat are no left justified by default (BUGFIX)
  • StandardXML will not correctly deseriaize to float type an "ifloat" value.
  • Authentication Token expiration implemented
  • The PropertyAliases.yaml configuration document is no automatically provision in Project 7,000.
  • The label/input message name of a process may not be set via a URL parameter when a process is created via a GET request (FEATURE).
  • The "filename" of a Process' input message is not persisted as an object property on the Process (ENHANCMENT).
  • When multiple attachments with the same name exist on an entity Logic now always returns the most recent attachment.
  • Multiple context ids can be provided to grantAction's contextId parameter specified as a CSV value (FEATURE).
  • Elimination of noload() directive from the ORM hinting (BUGFIX).
  • Process may now be search for using a qsearch criteria array (implemented "process::search")
  • Significant improvements to the ORM query generated by SearchCommand base class.
  • New OIE action dixielandTrainStatus (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action chownAction for chaning the ownership of a process (FEATURE).
  • OIE sshPutFileAction can now change the mode (permissions) of the target file after writing (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action ftpDeleteFileAction for deleting files from an FTP server (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action deleteMessageAction for deleting a message from the process (FEATURE).
  • New OIE action xmlToXlsAction for writing an XML document to XLS (FEATURE).
  • Action paramters can now be passed to the XSLT transform of transformAction as template variables (FEATURE).
  • Administrators can now load the server defaults of any user via "account::get-defaults" command.
  • MIMEtype of result can now be specified for OIE's translateAction (FEATURE).
  • Implemented YAMLLookupTable (FEATURE).
  • Write/Output support implemented for SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat (FEATURE).
  • Implemented "table::get" Logic command which wraps underling Table.Load funcationality.
  • project::get-path ensures path lookups are relative to the root folder of the project.
  • Jobs may now be searched by status; this was a keymap bugfix.
  • OIE sqlInsertAction persists the inserted record count as a process property.
  • Workflow format testing implemented in AttachFS (FEATURE)
  • Provide standard method for Format classes to report number of records processed.
  • Workflow formats can be listed via AttachFS (FEATURE).
  • switchAction supports label substition in case expressions (FEATURE).
  • queueAction can set XATTR values on created processes (FEATURE).
  • Implemented attachToMessageAction which copies an Attachment into a Message (FEATURE).
  • Allow attachments to be stored and retrieved from RouteGroup entities (FEATURE).
  • Implement messageToAttachmentAction which stores the contents of a Message as an Attachment (FEATURE).
  • Implement and tested Attachment expiration in Logic (FEATURE).
  • process::search now supports searching for processes by route name
  • Support for named attachments in AttachFS (FEATURE).
  • Obsolete Twitter Omphalos content plugin has been disabled.
  • Implemented Process Tasks, and implemented setProcessTaskAction (FEATURE).
  • ORM hints implemented in "contact::search" and "enterprise::search" (PERFORMANCE)
  • use the process sequence names in a consistently case-insensitive manner (BUGFIX)
  • work arounds implemented regarding handling of empty ZIP files, Pythion zipfile module has bugs (BUGFIX)
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2015-04-23

Bugfixes & enhancements to sshPutFileAction

OIE's sshPutFileAction has several bug fixes commited on 2014-11-20 & 2014-11-21.
An inconsistency in the Paramiko API may result in a TypeError if the server attempts to truncate the target file (which is the default behavior). A parameter of "fileMode" was also introduced which allows the mode (permissions) of the file to be set after the write operation is completed.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2014-11-24 Labels: sshPutFileAction oie workflow

Recent Enhancements To Development Branch

There have been many exciting enhancements to the development branch recently.

  • There is a new OIE lookup table: YAMLLookupTable. YAMLLookupTable allows values to be looked up from YAML data in either workflow messages or project documents. Web developers can easily create interfaces for updating data in YAML documnts - very noSQLish - which can then be used in workflow routes via translateAction and transformAction. As with all OIE tables YAMLLookupTable can be aggregated or chained with other lookup tables.
  • Values can be passed to XSLT transforms (when using OIE's transformAction) as template parameters (accessible as variables in the template). In conjunction with label substitution passing variables to the template can dramatically reduce the complexity of iteration (foreach,... ) actions. Passed variables also allow for greater template re-use, meaning fewer templates to track and maintain.
  • OIE's sqlInsertAction records the number of records inserted by the most recent operation as a property on the Process object. This little change makes it easier to survey the results of the typical ETL type workflow.
  • The performance of recent XML-RPC (both RPC2 and /proxy) and JSON-RPC calls are recorded and available as easy-to-parse JSON via the /perf protocol.
  • The thumbnail service now attempts to provide thumbnails for TIFF, GIF, and BMP images.
  • The new documentToMessageAction OIE action allows for project documents to be retrieved (by URI or objectId) into a workflow message.
  • WebDAV PROPFIND is faster - a lot faster.
  • OIE's sqlSelectAction now records the full query text of the query performed in the process' audit log.
  • Write support has been implemented in the SimpleDelimitedFieldFormat; and numerous test cases are included in the unittests to avoid regressions... it is amazing how complicated something as simple as a delimited text file actually is.
  • OIE has a new xmlToXlsAction action which will dump a StandardXML document to a simple XLS document. It isn't pretty, but there is no quicker way to get results into a spreadsheet.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2014-11-20 Labels: development enhancement

New Egg [0.1.49rc81] and WMOGAG edition uploaded

A new version and a new edition of WMOGAG for Coils has been uploaded. Packages are available both here and via PyPI.

New features included:
- Reduced number of database connections used; more components close their connections at idle.
- Document Special Processing has been implemented; creation or revision of a document can invoke a workflow process.
- Support for setting EDDP related object properties on a document folder via WebDAV PROPSET.
- Document MIME-Type rewriting.
- EDDP PDF page bursting feature has been refactored. Several potential bugs fixed and the code is much less scary.
- task::get-todo-list now matches the return results of Legacy regarding inclusion of completed tasks
- OIE's sendMailAction now allows for deferred sending, so multiple attachments can be sent with a message.
- BLOBManager correctly handles path-already-exist instances that can occur when the server is busy processing documents.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2014-04-22 Labels: release

WMOGAG 0.1.49rc69 Uploaded

A new edition of WMOGAG Coils has been uploaded to files. This edition, in addition to many other fixes and additions, provides in-depth documentation of event driven documentation features as well as CUPS integration. Using this edition you can easily:
- Automatically assign uploaded documents to collections.
- Automatically unassign modified documents from collections.
- Automatically file copies of created or modified documents.
- Automatically page-burst multiple page PDF documents into multiple single page documents.
- Print directly from clients into OpenGroupware folders, creating new documents.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-11-29 Labels: wmogag

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc33 Uploaded

Release date: 01-April-2013

  • A documents extension and abstract values are exposes as eponymous WebDAV properties in the Coils' namespace.
  • A document's abstract can be set/updated via WebDAV PROPPATCH
  • ENHANCEMENT: Allow mimetype of getObjectPropertyAction to be set via parameter, and allow for defaults if the property does not exist.
  • Several additional label substitution values: INITDATE, WEEKAGO, FORTNIGHTAGO, and MONTHAGO.
  • New sshDeleteFiles OIE action; allows deletion of remote via via SFTP.
  • [AttachFS] support for update of document's by objectId. A full set of [AttachFS] examples is now available in the project wiki.
  • FLAGS implemented on the Omphalos representation of [Project] entities.
  • Omphalos [Project] representations include parentProjectName and parentProjectNumber attribues if the Project has a parent. This facilitates the create of client interfaces representing project hierarchies.
  • At a detail level of 1,024 Omphalos representations of a Project includes a childProjectObjectIds attribute which is an array of child project object ids.
  • A parent / children relation has been added to the SQLAlchemy ORM for Project entities.
  • System Administrators and Workflow Administrators can now delete any Route entity regardless of ownership or permissions.
  • Provisioning scheme for resource objects in Project 7,000 is now complete.
  • Wiki support for serving JavaScript resources.
  • Wiki now provides a CSS resource for styling, this is automatically created in Project 7,000 by the coils-fix-provision7000 tool.
  • Wiki Query Tables now return more than the default 150 search results.
  • A 'root' Wiki document is now provisioned in Project 7,0000 by the coils-fix-provision7000 tool.
  • Wiki supports entity relative links "." and ".." for project and folder links.
  • Markdown "TOC" (Table of Contents) extensions enabled in the Wiki bundle.
  • Support for document deletion completed in the zOGI API.
  • A user-agent has been defined for the WebDAV client cadaver. Includes work-around for escaped/unescaped hrefs issue.
  • assignment entities may now be putObject'd and deleteObject'd in the zOGI API
  • team::delete Logic command now supports deletion by objectId. Only system administrators may delete teams.
  • Team entitues may now be created via zOGI putObject.
  • DELETE support implemented in [AttachFS]
  • Implementation of the HTTP redirector protocol at /redirect or /r. Redirector map is provisioned in Project 7,0000 by coils-fix-provision7000.
  • Document project id, company id, and folder id are now exposed as WebDAV properties.
  • New OIE actions setObjectPropertyAction and getObjectPropertyAction.
  • The object property "{}disableStateVersioning" on an OIE process will disable state versioning for that process. This discards some, rarely useful, auditing information in exchange for a reductuion in I/O.
  • BUGFIX in OIE xPathAction relating to XML having no support for default namespaces in XPath statements.
  • OIE Processes now inherit copies of a Route's object properties upon creation.
  • BUGFIX in OIE ldapSearchAction which could cause large LDAP search results to be incorrected paged, and thus truncated.
  • BUGFIX in coils-fix-clean-message-folder tool where the tool failed on some versions of Python.
  • BUGFIX when using a divisor to read a floating-point value voa SimpleFixedFieldFormat
  • [SMTP listener](SMTPListener] can now deliver content to [Project] folders.
  • OIE xlsToXmlAction now renders all element names in lower case.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-04-01

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc27 Uploaded to SF & PyPI

A new package for OpenGroupware Coils (0.1.49rc27) has been uploaded to SourceForge and PyPI.


  • WebDAV support for Location header disabled for GNOME's Evolution. This corrects issues with updating contacts.
  • Important fix regarding XSLT transforms and Unicode code-pages.
  • Omphalos XML rendering will generate an administrative notice if an entity cannot be translated to the output code page.
  • Actions can now declare the Unicode code-page of their results.
  • BUGFIX in document access manager for dealing with a NULL permissions string.
  • New listCompaniesAction OIE renders an XML document of all enterprises in a specified security context and their related contacts; user must possess the requested security context and have the Data Manager role (administrators may perform the operation for any security context). OIE action performs the document generation using a generator on the database connection to minize resource utilization.
  • New OGO_DATA_MANAGER_ROLE role. This role allows some operations, such as server-wide sync or bulk data import/export to be restricted to a subset of users, in addition to object permissions. Users belonging to the team which is named by the OGoDataManagersTeam server default will posess this role.
  • BUGFIX missing foreign key between document and document versions corrected in the SQLAlchemy data model. This resulted in a significant performance improvement for some document operations.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-02-27 Labels: release

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc25 Uploaded to PyPI & SF


  • Support for specification of target tableName in sqlInsertAction via parameter which overrides tableName provided in the ResultSet element of the input message. Label substitution support for this value.
  • Rendering of records read via a SimpleFixedFieldFormat to StandardXML is now performed using ElementFlow.
  • BUGFIX: BLOBManager now correctly sets the max core size of scratch files again.
  • Archived tasks are not included by default in the _TASK keyof the Omphalos representation of a project. Set the server default "OmphalosIncludeArchivedProjectTasks" to "YES" to revert to the previous behavior of including archived tasks.
  • Documents can now be uploaded using AttachFS via a Task.
  • Support for INBOXing documents uploaded to Projects via a related entity has been implemented.
  • BUGFIX: Content-Length header of a 201 response from AttachFS is always zero.
  • Every task created is now assigned a UID if the client did not provide one.
  • Added get_anchor API call to zOGI; this allows retrieval of collection CTAG values via zOGI.
  • BUGFIX: The ".ctag" REST key on a Teams collection was not available.
  • The coils-fix-nocomplete-tasks tool now includes archived tasks.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-02-20 Labels: release

Authentication Documentation

A wiki page has been created for documenting the configuration of authentication with OpenGroupware Coils.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-02-14

Development Update, 2013-02-12

Some new tickets have been added to the dangling-fruit, aka "these should be
easy", list

  • Egg version has been bumped to 0.1.49rc24

Changes have been merged into default branch

  • AttachFS allows put'ing a document to a Task entity.

    Where OGo#13871405 is a Task this will create/update the file named 
    "cert.pem" in the root folder of the project this task is assigned
    to. It will also, automatically, generate an object link from the
    task to this new or updated file.
    curl -u adam -T cacert.pem \
    If the Task is not assigned to a project an exception will be raised.
    For storing arbitrary content on arbitrary tasks use attachment mode.... [read more](/p/coils/news/2013/02/development-update-2013-02-12/)
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-02-12

Release 0.1.49rc19

Whats new

  • The cursor factory method OIE SQL connection objects now accepts parameters and passed them on to the underlying DBAPI driver.
  • AttachFS does not reveal the type of an inaccessible entity if that entity is requested by id.
  • New SSHGetFilesIntoZipFileAction OIE action that requests a list of files from a host via SFTP and stashes those files into a ZIP archive.
  • New AppendToZIPFileAction OIE action that stashes a message as a file into a ZIP archive.
  • New messageToDocumentAction OIE action which stores the contents of a workflow message into a project document.
  • New coils-fix-unuided-contacts tool to generate CardDAV UID values for any Contant entity without a UID.
  • New coils-fix-clean-process tool which cleans up any unreferenced process markup from the process folder.
  • New coils-fix-clean-shelve-folder which cleans up any unreferenced shelves from the shelve folder.
  • Logic command process::get can retrieve processes by their GUID identity.
  • Table and footnote extensions enabled in the Wiki protocol bundle.
  • A ".ps" request to the /dav/Workflow folder now presents cancelled processes (status=X) with a state of "cancelled". [tickets:#107]
  • Logic command account::new supports setting a template user id and enforces requirement for a login string.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-01-16

Release 0.1.49rc18

Release date: 07-January-2013

  • Tweak to the binding of vCard TEL elements to telephone types
  • Return a 404 (No Such Path) rather than a 500 (Generic) response for a request to AttachFS for unavailable content.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-01-07

Release 0.1.49rc17

Release date: 02-January-2013

  • Significant performance improvement in authenticator.
  • Wiki protocol bundle is now nearly complete
  • Pages are correctly encapsulated in a HTML body / DOCTYPE.
  • Wiki extensions use an entity cache.
  • "project_id" added to Task entity keymap
  • Added the coils-fix-delete-emtpy-enterprise-projects tool.
  • Added the coils-fix-clean-message-folder tool.
  • coils-dependency-check now checks for the availability of markdown and argparse modules
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-01-07

Project Roadmap Page

A new page has been added to the developer wiki for creating the project roadmap.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-11-20

Client List Page

Ahead of preparing for the 0.1.50 release a wiki page is under development for recording clients that been testes, need to be tested, known client bugs, etc... WebDAV (and CardDAV/CalDAV clients) vary greatly in quality so real testing is always necessary. Notes regarding per-client testing will be posted to these wiki pages.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-11-20

Using the workflow scheduler

A new article on using the workflow scheduler has been published on the BLOG.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-11-09

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc4 Released.

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc4 has been uploaded to SourceForge and PyPI.

This release fixes an important bug found in 0.1.49rc3 regarding OIE Tables. If you use OIE look-up tables with 0.1.49rc3 you should update to this RC.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-11-09

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc3 Released.

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.49rc3 has been uploaded to SourceForge and PyPI.

Changes since 0.1.49rc0

  • Built-in label substitutions supported in the input values of XATTR attributes on scheduler entries.
    • For example you can specify an XATTR value of "$TODAY;" and when the process is created by the scheduler the value of that XATTR will be replaced with the current date.
  • If the component cannot bind to the AMQ bus a much more informative error message is generated.
    • Modules can be loaded or banned using environment variables.
    • COILS_EXTRA_MODULES : A CSV value nameing additional modules to be loaded and scanned for Logic operations and service components.
    • COILS_BANNED_MODULES : A CSV value nameing additional modules which should not be loaded.
  • Starting of service components can be banned using the environment variable COILS_BANNED_SERVICES.
  • The developmnt tool coils-ping-service has been added to the distribution package. This tool allows adminstrators to test if a component is available on the AMQ bus.
  • Context identity UUID and packet identity UUID are now hex encoded UUID values; these provide the same level of identity in a shorter string.
  • Workflow scheduler entries can be created via HTTP PUT.
  • now provides a utility function to parse date & datetime values into UTC datetimes.
    • Use
  • For Contact and Enterprise entity decoding from Omphalos supports in-line [implicit] company values.
    • If a value dictionary contains a key that corresponds to a defined company value, such as "email1", the value will be automatically mapped to the entities "email1" company value.
  • All components operate in UTC, regardless of the system's timezone.
  • Workflow scheduler now supports specifying the priority of processes to be created from a scheduler entry.
  • Priority of a created process is limited by the current context.
    • A higher priority process will be run before a lower priority process. With this change any use can create a proces with a process of less than 250 (mostly proceses default to a priority of 201 if no priority is specified). If the user has either the workflow administrator or system adminstrator role a process priorities may be as high as 499. If a context attempts to create a process with priority beyond its limit the process will be created with the highest priority available to that context.
  • Additional built-in label substitution values:
    • TODAY - The current date, functionally this is equivalent to the existing $DATE; built-in but is derived from a date value rather than from a date-time.
    • YESTERDAY - The date of the previous day.
    • TOMORROW - The date of the following day.
    • All built-in label substitution values are now covered by unit tests.
  • Completed implementation of the OIE translateAction which allows values to be used to perform look-ups in OIE tables and storing the result into a workflow message.
  • Table lookups can cache the results of multi-input value look-ups.... read more
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-11-08

OpenGroupare Coils 0.1.48

After a long series of RC releases 0.1.48 is here. 0.1.48 provides a significant improvement in feature completeness and stability. The list of changes is simply to extensive to enumerate, and most are not immediately visible. Highlights are:

  • SQLAlchemy version increased to 0.7.4
  • OIE Tables and Formats can now be deleted via WebDAV
  • OIE now provides a rmlToPDFAction if the z3c.rml module is available; this allows very complex PDFs to be generated from RML (an XML dialect) - so you can transform you data into documents using XSLT stylesheets.
  • Support for None/Null values in XML-RPC responses can be enabled based on user-agent.
  • SQL Operation Filtering
  • Vista support of a "vacuum" event to clean out expired search vectors.
  • YAML documents edited via WebDAV provide a more consistent format.
  • Support of "ps" operation via zOGI (used by snurtle)
  • Reliability of "associative mode" for simple clients improved and support for associative mode via Legacy proxy added.... read more
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-10-16 Labels: 0.1.48

OpenGroupware 0.1.47rc61

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.47rc61 has been uploaded to SourceForge and to PyPI.

  • Code has been restructured to be more in keeping with Python 'standard form'.
  • OIE now provides a rmlToPDFAction if the z3c.rml module is available; this allows very complex PDFs to be generated from RML (an XML dialect) - so you can transform you data into documents using XSLT stylesheets.
  • Makefile deployment has been improved. "make run" should no longer reset your developer instance to default settings [removing your setting customizations].
  • OIE Tables and Formats can now be deleted via WebDAV
  • Omphalos decoding is more durable; it will recognize that it needs to decode tuples like it does lists.
  • Omphalos associativeLists [for associative list clients] feature will more reliably flatten Omphalos data from associative list clients.
  • Search commands will always enable the use of labels on queries, so that SQLalchemy will be less whiny.
  • Support for None/Null values in XML-RPC responses can be enabled based on user-agent.
  • OIE process manager now stores the name of the context [the login value] in the process data structure. This allows clients like snurtle to provide a more meaningful "ps" operation.
  • XML representation of a long is now supported. longs are integers.
  • Error messages in OIE SSH actions improved.
  • coils-vista-index provides a "vacuum" operation to purge the Vista index of entries for deleted or expired objects.
  • vista::search supports an include_workflow parameter which will add workflow related results to the search results [primarily routes].
  • ORM can now deal with task actions that have no history info [comment] record.
  • Numerous other bug fixes. ... read more
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-10-12 Labels: upload rc-release

OpenGroupware 0.1.47rc35

A new release candidate has been uploaded to SourceForge and PyPI.

Includes improvements to the Vista indexing of contacts and enterprises - most notably a fully numeric version of phone numbers is always indexed, and the phone numbers, city, postal code, and names of a contact's enterprises, and an enterprise's contacts, are also indexed in relation to the contact/enterprise.

The new coils-test-sql command line tool provides and easy way for workflow managers to test SQL connections defined via the OIESQLSources default; much like the way coils-test-dsa can be used to test OIELDAPSources.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-08-30 Labels: release-candidate upload