Development Update, 2013-02-12

Some new tickets have been added to the dangling-fruit, aka "these should be
easy", list

  • Egg version has been bumped to 0.1.49rc24

Changes have been merged into default branch

  • AttachFS allows put'ing a document to a Task entity.

    Where OGo#13871405 is a Task this will create/update the file named 
    "cert.pem" in the root folder of the project this task is assigned
    to. It will also, automatically, generate an object link from the
    task to this new or updated file.
    curl -u adam -T cacert.pem \
    If the Task is not assigned to a project an exception will be raised.
    For storing arbitrary content on arbitrary tasks use attachment mode.
  • AttachFS allows put'int a document to a Project entity. This performs the same operation as if the document was PUT to the root folder of the Project.

  • Upon creation or update of a document (file mode) AttachFS no longer specifies the Content-Length of the object; Content-Length is not specified. Inclusion of Content-Length in the 201 response confused some proxy servers resulting in a long delay until connection timeout. Then Coils got blamed for being "slow".
  • When a Task is created via Logic a GUID is generated if one was not specified by the client. Generally a UID (GUID) would be assigned to the task when created by a GroupDAV/CardDAV client. Having one in advance eases synchronization by providing a better anchor for the client to use in its cache.
    • The new coils-fix-no-guid tool (script) will generate GUIDs/UIDs forTask and Contact entities in the database that do not have a UID value.
  • A new zOGI method getAnchor (available via XML-RPC currently) has been created that allows a client to check syncronization anchors in a 'normal' way. This is similar to how a WebDAV client would use the "ctag" attribue of a collection. A BLOG post about this new methd will be posted soon.
  • Operation of the ".ctags" special key on the /dav/Tasks collection has been fixed.
  • The coils-fix-no-complete-tasks tool (script) now examines tasks in an archived state as well as those just done/rejected.
  • The XLS reader format now supports "discardMalformedRecords". This format has received an long overdue overhaul. It now generates its output using ElementFlow.
  • The new iconvAction OIE actuib allows messages (assumed to be of some text-like content) to be translated between specified encodings.
  • A new CoilsDateFormatException has been introduced and is raised in the case of a date string that cannot be parsed by the server. This makes the cause of a problem more evident to the client/user.
  • A user-agent description has been created for the WDFS WebDAV client.
Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-02-12

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