#451 "Save all files" icon misleading


Our team has just had yet another inconsistent checkin to our revision control system with code that doesn't compile, due to a developer thinking they had saved the project along with all other files when they hadn't.

The issue is that the menu option file -> save everything does indeed save everything, including the project, but it's a reasonable UI expectation that the save-all icon mirrors that behaviour:

This is compounded by the fact that its tooltip says save all files - which, of course, it doesn't - it saves all files, except for the all-important project file.

Please, please, please, to save me and my team (and many others) any more hair pulling, make one of the following changes, in order of preference:
1. Replace the existing "save all" button with a "save everything" button.
2. Alternatively, add an additional "save everything" button next to, and to the right of, the "save all" button.

Additionally, it might be wise to replace the tooltip with something less misleading, such as save all source files or save all files except project - even though that would bemore unwieldy to read, it would cause less confusion and duplicated work for many developers.

It could also be helpful to add some kind of visual indicator to show that a project has been modified, but isn't saved - something like a red dot next to the project in the tree, perhaps, or a non-greyed-out "save everything" button as per option 2 above. That would require "save all" to meaningfully get greyed out after it's pressed once - currently you can press that button til the cows come home with no indication as to whether everything is really saved or not.

This is also related to the already very annoying issue https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/396/


  • bluehazzard

    bluehazzard - 2016-12-14

    i would also suggest to save the project (workspace) with save all

    • Teodor Petrov

      Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-14

      This won't make sense. There will be two commands that do the same thing.

      • bluehazzard

        bluehazzard - 2016-12-14

        No, the save all icon is remaped to save everything... I don't see any sense in not saving the project on all steps (build/rebuild, save all ) that relate on a complete project file...

        • Teodor Petrov

          Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-15

          Your comment didn't talk about remapping. :)


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