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440 File paths displayed relative to root folder, not to filesystem Next_Nightly open Ismael Correa C 2016-11-27 2016-11-27 Patch  
411 CB becomes unusable if the project is modified when build options is open on Linux Next_Nightly open Teodor Petrov Riot 2016-10-06 2016-10-07 Bug_Report  
338 Assert failure when clicking "properties" on a certain file Next_Nightly open Teodor Petrov Riot 2016-04-13 2016-04-13 Bug_Report  
305 Assert failure: invalid encoding value in wxCSConv ctor Next_Nightly open Riot 2016-02-22 2016-02-26 Bug_Report  
286 CC crash when closing workspace Next_Nightly open ollydbg Teodor Petrov 2016-01-10 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
273 F2 (logs window) not correcly working inside Editor Next_Nightly open Teodor Petrov Michael Zeilfelder 2015-12-17 2016-12-31 Bug_Report  
270 Projects do not build when swapping source files. Next_Nightly accepted Morten MacFly Stefan 2015-12-10 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
269 CDB ExamineMemory Next_Nightly pending Teodor Petrov maras420 2015-12-09 2016-01-30 Patch  
246 Project loading/layout speedup Next_Nightly open Jens Lody Bat 2015-11-07 2016-01-30 Patch  
225 Crash when the Symbol Browser is enabled, because it is accessed from a non-ui thread Next_Nightly open Teodor Petrov gabyx 2015-09-28 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
224 Duplication in documentation tooltip Next_Nightly open ollydbg CSB 2015-09-24 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
203 Segment violation in CC's realtime parsing mode Next_Nightly open Jean-Pierre DUVAL 2015-09-01 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
174 Breakpoints removed from editor are not removed from GDB Next_Nightly open Teodor Petrov Lucas Guimarães 2015-06-05 2016-11-04 Bug_Report  
169 Predefined user commands for debugger plugin Next_Nightly open Teodor Petrov scarphin 2015-05-13 2016-01-30 Patch  
165 Bugs about the auto indent and the AStyle Next_Nightly open 火箭动员兵 2015-05-04 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
145 Code completion ignores parameters of catch-clauses Next_Nightly open ollydbg acqn 2015-03-02 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
98 Custom Plugins not work till re enable Next_Nightly open ollydbg TurboSnail 2014-11-18 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
87 SpellChecker will make C::B crash in x86_64 builds for Windows Next_Nightly open Frederick Zhang 2014-11-03 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
86 Error on rendering highlighted characters Next_Nightly open Frederick Zhang 2014-11-03 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
42 Filling empty line by spaces instead of TAB character Next_Nightly open ChronicRat 2014-09-02 2016-01-30 Undefined  
38 ESC does not closes just opened modal dialogs Next_Nightly open ChronicRat 2014-08-29 2016-01-30 Bug_Report  
15 Radio as possible wxAuiToolBarItem item kind in wxSmith Next_Nightly accepted Morten MacFly elvissteinjr 2014-06-06 2016-01-30 Feature_Request  
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