#447 Codeblocks crash on showing empty window in Ubuntu 16.10

Crash (6)

When running Codeblocks in Ubuntu 16.10, quite frequently when selecting a menu item, the menu appears empty. I have attached a screenshot. When this happens, codebloks freezes and needs to be restarted. It does not happen every time when opening a menu action, but it happens quite frequently. I have attached screenshots with the problem.

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  • bluehazzard

    bluehazzard - 2016-12-03

    I can confirm this bug with wx3.0 on Linux Mint 18

    But i can't reproduce it or debug it... Still trying to find the cause...

    • Teodor Petrov

      Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-03

      How can you confirm it and not being able to reproduce it?
      Do you have a backtrace from it?
      When it happens you can attach debugger and gather one.

      • bluehazzard

        bluehazzard - 2016-12-03

        I can confirm, that from time to time, the menus disappear and codeblocks becomes unusable (not unresponsive but some things work, other not) and later crashes so hard that it gets removed from the process list, so I am not able to attach the debugger.
        I try to run c::b over the debugger all the time, but I forget it some times, and the crash usually happens exactly at this time...

        Last edit: bluehazzard 2016-12-03
        • Teodor Petrov

          Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-04

          BTW what do you mean by menus disappear? The screen shot depicts a problem in the properties window of a file or project.

          And menu handling in ubuntu is their job (cannonical's) and they very often mess things up.
          I'm not sure about mint's menus.

          • Walbert Schulpen

            The window spawned by clicking the menu is empty. The only problem is the
            one shown on the screenshot. Code blocks is frozen at this point, but let
            me know if i can help with traceback

            Last edit: Teodor Petrov 2016-12-04
            • Teodor Petrov

              Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-04

              I need a backtrace, see here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace how to acquire one.

              And please don't use your email client to asnwer to messages. It garbles the discussion.
              If you use your email client at least delete everything esle except your message. I've edited your message to remove the clutter.

  • Teodor Petrov

    Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-03
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    • Type: Undefined --> Bug_Report
  • Walbert Schulpen

    Please find the backtrace attached. I had to press CTRL+C as the CB did not technically crash on the empty window, it just became irresponsive.

    Last edit: Walbert Schulpen 2016-12-25
    • Teodor Petrov

      Teodor Petrov - 2016-12-26

      Can you try to disable the Symbol browser in the settings of Code completion and try again?

  • Walbert Schulpen

    I disabled the Symbol browser, and I dont seem to be able to repeat the bug anymore... Is it possible it is related to the Symbol browser? Prevously the bug would hit within opening around 2-4 menues, but now I cant seem to repeat it with the symbol browser disabled.

  • ollydbg

    ollydbg - 2017-01-06

    Is it possible it is related to the Symbol browser?

    Sure, it is related to Symbol browser, because it build the wxTree in a worker thread, but this is not allowed in wx3.x which cause crash issue.


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