#444 Source Formatter C - padding around parenthesies on outside


With C source files, Settings > Editor > Source Formatter > [Padding] 'Insert padding around parenthesies on outside' doesn't work with code completion.

For example with [Style] google, [Padding] [x] 'Insert padding around parenthesies on outside' checked, when attempting to insert any function, e.g. fprintf, code completion correctly suggests 'fprintf' after typing 'fpri', but accepting the function results in 'fprintf()' being inserted, which ignores the 'insert padding around parenthesies on outside' setting.

The expected behavior would be for code completion to insert 'fprintf ()' respecting the 'Padding' setting. It does not.

Also, there is a typo in the Settings > Editor > Source Formatter > [Formatting] [ ] 'Remove brackets from conditional statements (ingle statement on single line)'. 'ingle' should be 'single'.

Smaller nit, 'parenthesies' is actually spelled 'parenthesis'.


  • ollydbg

    ollydbg - 2016-12-17

    Hi, david.
    The setting in "Settings > Editor > Source Formatter" is for "AStyle plugin", and you mentioned "code completion" feature is in "CodeCompletion plugin". So, the setting does not affect texts inserted by CodeCompletion plugin. I'm not quite sure what exact feature you like, it looks like you need a new feature in CodeCompletion plugin.

    About the typos in AStyle's setting dialog, I will try to fix it, thanks!

  • ollydbg

    ollydbg - 2016-12-17

    The typo is fixed in rev10932, thanks. BTW: the 'parenthesis' typo is already fixed by OBF in rev10917 several months ago. Thanks.


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