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Denis Melo

When analyzing a large project I had to use the bookmarks feature, and I realised that two simple functionalities doesn't exist.

The line bookmarked don't appear highlighted, just a simple arrow shows up in the left margin. It's difficult to locate the bookmarked line just by scrolling the page or trying to take a rapid view on the code. This force us to use the shortcuts on the keyboard, and complicates a bit more the analysis.

When we exit Code::Blocks, reopen it, and reopen the project, the bookmarked lines are gone.

Pardon me if these already exists, I didn't found they anywhere in the Settings > Editor: Global Settings, Syntax Highlighting and similars.
My requests are: highlight of bookmarked lines and persistence of bookmarked lines beyond the exit of Code::Blocks.


  • bluehazzard

    bluehazzard - 2016-11-16

    When we exit Code::Blocks, reopen it, and reopen the project, the bookmarked lines are gone.

    I think the BrowseTracker plugin saves the bookmarks in the layout file, so they get loaded with the project. To use the plugin: View->Browse Tracker->Set Bookmark
    you can set the default ctrl+b short cut to this with
    Settings->Editor->Keyboard shortcuts->....

    The bookmarks of the plugins are even more difficult to read. You can set different styles with
    Settings->Editor->Brows Tracker

    highlight of bookmarked lines

    this is not implemented at the moment. I don't know how difficult this is to implement...

  • bluehazzard

    bluehazzard - 2016-11-16

    Ok, i made a patch to add this functionality:
    Note: The BrowsTracker config gui is made ith wxFormBuilder i didn't used the FormBuilder, but changed the autogenerated code. If i find time i will rework this dialog to use wxSmith...

  • Denis Melo

    Denis Melo - 2016-11-16

    Hi, thanks for reply.

    I tried to configure the BrowseTracker but at the end it works the same way of native bookmark feature, the most obvious difference is the navigation through the bookmarked lines using the toolbar, and perhaps a bit more control.

    For code analysis I believe that highlight of bookmarked lines, which you're working on, is still a important facilitator.

    I don't know how these patches work. Could you explain or guide when you have time?


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