Who’s upgrading?

Here’s another selection of the projects that are upgrading to the new SourceForge. Have a look at what you’ll get when you upgrade then go press the ‘Upgrade’ button at sf.net/p/upgrade.

  • RSS Owl | RSS / RDF / Atom Feed Reader

    RSS Owl is a powerful application to organize, search and read your news feeds in a comfortable way. It runs cross platform on Windows, Linux and Mac and can also be installed into Eclipse. You can also easily import existing feeds from other readers into RSSOwl or synchronize with Google Reader. Always be in sync with your subscriptions.

  • CppCMS

    CppCMS is the web development framework written in C++, that is aimed on development of high performance web application. It uses different web APIs, most noticably FastCGI, as a web layer and various databases as a storage backed.

  • JBurg

    Java-based BURG (code emitter generator) which can also be used as a general purpose dynamic programming engine. The distribution includes a compiler for a Java-like language, that accepts input from a String or a Reader and returns a Class object.

  • Db Table Mapper

    DbTableMapper is a simple software that allows to read information about a ORACLE Database Table and generate a C++ class that “maps” it (Pro*C/C++ code included)

  • Forum Monitor

    Cross-platform software that automatically monitors your favorite forums looking for new messages and inform you in real time directly into your desktop. It has a flexible structure designed to work through extensible config files.

  • lucidpolls

    Lucid Polls is a simple CMS coded in php that can be used to create fully localizable polls and tests. Includes real-time statistics.

  • Helsinki Finite-State Technology

    The Helsinki Finite-State Transducer toolkit is intended for processing natural language morphologies. The toolkit is demonstrated by wide-coverage implementations of a number of languages of varying morphological complexity.

  • PdfBooklet

    PdfBooklet is a Python Gtk application which allows to make books or booklets from existing pdf files. It can also adjust margins, rotate, scale, merge files or extract pages.

  • Ionia Student Online

    The new Ionia Student Online is a student information system for high schools, run from a web environment.

  • PHPXref

    PHPXref is a developers tool, written in Perl, that will cross reference and extract inline documentation from a collection of PHP scripts. It generates simple HTML output suitable for browsing offline.

  • Finance::IIF

    Perl module for reading/writing QuickBooks IIF files.

  • phpDHCPAdmin

    phpDHCPAdmin Manage the ISC DHCPD Service. Groups, User access levels, PXE, Multiple subnets, lease management, graphing features, classes support, multiple pool support. Built with security, flexibility and usage for large scale dhcp environments


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