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If you’re still running the old SourceForge, you’re missing out. To upgrade your Classic SourceForge projects, just go to sf.net/p/upgrade and click the ‘Upgrade’ button. Here’s what you get when you upgrade.

Here’s a selection of projects that have upgraded in the last 24 hours.

  • XOOPS Brasil

    XOOPS BRASIL, project dedicated to translate ALL existing XOOPS language files into the Portuguese language, maintaining all work always updated, complete and revised, with an emphasis on quality and cultural integrity.

  • Four Row Solitaire

    Programmed in Java, this game is a mixture between FreeCell and normal Solitaire. The current version is Beta v.63.

  • LAN Tournament Manager

    LAN Tournament Manager is used to setup and display brackets for any tournament. You can currently choose from single or double elimination (pool play to come in future). LTM is currently v.11.

  • Xtrans

    A compact editor for building XSL templates and testing their transformation with XML documents. Very easy to use. No setup required, excellent tool for XSL authoring and debugging.

  • Multiple Dates Picker for jQuery UI

    Extends jQuery UI’s datepicker (calendar) allowing multiple dates and range selection and avoidance.

  • WireShare

    Formerly entitled LWPE, WireShare is the newest fork of the LimeWire codebase. The name was changed for legal reasons. We are in beta stage; if you’d like to change this, come talk to us in #wireshare at irc.freenode.org! CVS is up, so code away.

  • Inkscape Map

    A simple tools to generate HTML imagemap or coordinates list (eg. to be inserted into a database) from an Inkscape SVG file. Usefull for creating imagemap and generate area-coloured images on the fly using the coordinates (eg. in PHP with GD library).

  • Dman

    Dman – download manager for PalmOS devices.

  • my-icalserver

    Ein kleiner Kalender Server der eine WEB-GUI hat und XML sowie ICAL formate versendet und empfangen kann. LOGIN über HTTP und verschlüsselte Übertragung bei Socketverbindungen

  • HecMeeting

    Open Source IM and voice client using Jabber and SIP protocols, with great audio quality thanks to speex and a nice and clean interface. Programmed in Java and C++. It supports chat, voice and file transfers.

  • Where In the World Have You Been?

    A PHP script with maps of the World, China, Canada, USA, India, Africa and Europe that allows the user to select the countries, provinces or states by clicking on them or selecting a checkboxes.

  • bdist_nsi

    The bdist_nsi module extends Python’s distutils module with a bdist_nsi setup command to create binary Windows installers for Python modules, based on NSIS, featuring a modern user interface, internationalization, and maya and blender support.

  • keytabGUI

    GUI for Kerberos Keytab files. Associate it with *.keytab extension to view and edit its content. JNLP installer page: http://keytabgui.sourceforge.net

  • eko

    EKO is a simple QT-based audio editor.

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