Project Navigation UI Update

A long awaited update is finally here. Since we’ve started moving projects to the new platform, there’s been an inconsistency between the project navigation bars between different project pages. This has now been addressed, and the navigation bar looks the same across the various project pages. To give you an idea of how different the navigation was,


Summary page


Tickets page



Summary page


Tickets page



Ah, that’s much better. And it’s not just the styling that’s changed, if you look closely at the actual items in the old navigation bar, a few items (Summary, Files, etc.) might appear in one place, but not the other, or their order may differ. This has now been fixed so that the navigation bar contents will always match. We also revamped the space above the nav bar to be more appealing (and consistent between tools).

Finally, a shortlist of some other navigation improvements that have been made in recent weeks:

  • Similar tools are grouped together to save space in the navigation bar (the threshold is configurable on Admin -> Tools)
  • Drop down menus for grouped items
  • Capitalization is now consistent with the label setting

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One Response to “Project Navigation UI Update”

  1. Annii Jun 7, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    After project update, where can I find aka a page that lists recent code AND ticket changes?