Help Wanted

By Community Team

There’s always a lot of projects looking for help on SourceForge. Ideally, every project is anxiously waiting for your help and will welcome you with open arms when you arrive. But some projects are actively out there looking for people to step into certain roles.

The “Help Wanted” forum is a good place to look if you’re either looking for help, or looking for a project to help.

We also wanted to point out several project that are looking for your help.

The phpAlumni project is an web-based alumni management written in PHP/MySQL. It enables former students to stay in touch, post job offerings, search for people, spread news or organize reunions. It’s a fairly mature project, at just over ten years old, but has slowed down a lot lately, and the lead developer is ready to move on. If you’d like to take over this project, let us know – – and we’ll make the necessary introductions.

The MinGW project is looking for help in coordinating changes beneficial to programming in C, C++, Fortran, Java, and for all the frontend supported compilers by GCC. You can read more about this need, and about the project, at and you can contact Earnie Boyd there, too, if you’re interested.

And the UpStage project is looking for documentation experts to get involved in their effort to assess the existing documentation, identify gaps that should be filled, and assist the students and volunteer developers in developing appropriate documentation. You can read more about their needs and respond to their request at if you have the talent they’re looking for.

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