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Help Wanted

There’s always a lot of projects looking for help on SourceForge. Ideally, every project is anxiously waiting for your help and will welcome you with open arms when you arrive. But some projects are actively out there looking for people to step into certain roles.

The “Help Wanted” forum is a good place to look if you’re either looking for help, or looking for a project to help.

We also wanted to point out several project that are looking for your help.

The phpAlumni project is an web-based alumni management written in PHP/MySQL. It enables former students to stay in touch, post job offerings, search for people, spread news or organize reunions. It’s a fairly mature project, at just over ten years old, but has slowed down a lot lately, and the lead developer is ready to move on. If you’d like to take over this project, let us know – – and we’ll make the necessary introductions.

The MinGW project is looking for help in coordinating changes beneficial to programming in C, C++, Fortran, Java, and for all the frontend supported compilers by GCC. You can read more about this need, and about the project, at and you can contact Earnie Boyd there, too, if you’re interested.

And the UpStage project is looking for documentation experts to get involved in their effort to assess the existing documentation, identify gaps that should be filled, and assist the students and volunteer developers in developing appropriate documentation. You can read more about their needs and respond to their request at if you have the talent they’re looking for.

Help Wanted: Documentation

It’s time for another installation of our Help Wanted column. This time, I want to draw special attention to two request for documentation help.

One of the not-so-secret secrets around Open Source Software is that if you’re good at writing docs, you can get involved in pretty much whatever Open Source project you’re interested in. Everybody wants better docs.

So, if you’re a writer, or editor, or translator, I encourage you to look around, find the project that looks the coolest, and go ask if they need help in those areas. If they don’t, I’d be glad to help you find one that does. But I’m pretty sure they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Meanwhile, I want to point out two projects that are specifically asking for help.

First, there’s UpStage.

UpStage is a web-based venue for cyberformance: artists compile digital media in real time to create live theatrical performance for online audiences.

UpStage is looking for a documentation expert to assess their existing docs and recommend where they should go from here. You can read the full request in the Help Wanted forum, and repsond either there or on the Upstage developers list.

Next, there’s Whonix.

Whonix (called TorBOX in past) is an anonymous general purpose operating system based on Virtual Box, Debian GNU/Linux and Tor.

Whonix is looking for someone to take their very technical documentation and produce content for the beginner. You can read their request in the Help Wanted forum, which contains both a link to the mailing list where you can respond, or, if you prefer, an email address of the lead developer.

Most Open Source projects know that their docs can be improved, and that documenters are every bit as important to their project’s success as good code. The best code in the world will fail if nobody can figure out how to use it. So, if you’re a writer, you are in great demand.

AdventureForge – a new RPG, looking for help

A few words from AdventureForge, which is a new Python RPG that caught my eye last week.

AdventureForge is an open sourced RPG game made customizable for anyone with knowledge of the Python programming language. The underlying principle of the game is to make it simple yet extremely customizable. Everyone could contribute to the cause, either by submitting code snippets or sugggestions.

The current direction of the game is to create a console-based RPG, much like those of Caves of Qud or something like that, but minus all of the complex items. I’ve only developed the functions for the game, much like the API if you prefer. Development is guaranteed to be constant most of the time as possible, with 4-5 builds per week.

Please do, help me in developing this game, particularly a way to integrate it into a key-tracking C++ based “console window” and ASCII characters. Keep it simple, and have your own chapter in history.

Help Wanted: Wav2MP3 Wizard

Posted on behalf of the Wav2MP3 project. Please contact them.

Webternals, LLC is looking for your help on our project Wav2MP3 Wizard. We are attempting to revive this project. This project has been idle for oh too long and it is time to bring back to life. There is still plenty of interest in this project and we are going to receive more interest once we revive this project.

Wav2MP3 Wizard is a simple solution for everyday audio encoding/decoding. It supports WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC files, and has straightforward interface. Easy for the new ones to learn (comes with preset profiles) and with enough features for the advanced.

This is a Visual Basic project but we wish to port it over to Java. We have an interest to make this a cross platform binary.
We need your help so please contact us if you are willing to help out.

The Webternals Team.

Help Wanted: FilmFree

The FilmFree project is a full-featured video editing suite. But the project has fallen on hard times, so far as available time goes. The project lead describes it as a lost dog that needs a new home.

If you want to adopt a video editing suite, please contact me, and I’ll make the necessary introductions.

Meanwhile, if you have a project that needs a home, or some spare time that needs a project, head over to the Help Wanted Forums, and see what you can find.