AdventureForge – a new RPG, looking for help

A few words from AdventureForge, which is a new Python RPG that caught my eye last week.

AdventureForge is an open sourced RPG game made customizable for anyone with knowledge of the Python programming language. The underlying principle of the game is to make it simple yet extremely customizable. Everyone could contribute to the cause, either by submitting code snippets or sugggestions.

The current direction of the game is to create a console-based RPG, much like those of Caves of Qud or something like that, but minus all of the complex items. I’ve only developed the functions for the game, much like the API if you prefer. Development is guaranteed to be constant most of the time as possible, with 4-5 builds per week.

Please do, help me in developing this game, particularly a way to integrate it into a key-tracking C++ based “console window” and ASCII characters. Keep it simple, and have your own chapter in history.


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