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If you want the latest and (hopefully) greatest, click on the 'code' tab and then 'Download Snapshot'. This will give you a tarball of the current development version. yoshimi-1.2.4 - ALSA MIDI can now auto-connect. - Changed x.x.x.notes to Changelog as requested by packagers. - Jack MIDI auto-connects too! - VU meters disengaged from synth via ring buffer. - Failing to load parameters or instruments at startup is no longer fatal. - Yoshimi accepts un-numbered instruments in banks again - under protest! - Some more small UI and CL message refinements. - In settings added Enable/Disable MIDI program change - some seq's don't play nice :( default is to enable. Compatible with Zyn's 'ignore program change'. - Settings layout tidied up. - Incremental DSP improvement - we now only fill/copy buffers that have a destination! - Bugfix - when a part's audio out was directed to part only, system effects were still being generated and sent to main. - Correction - audio to part *does* carry insertion effects if they are set. - VU calculations now completely separated from sound generation and outside the mutex lock. - Changed envelope cut-off to -60dB (was -40). - Another addition to Will_Godfrey_Companion bank :) - Bugfix - missing 'include' in main.cpp stopped compilation - but not in all environments! - Changed unison size highlighting. With no code change, it stopped working for some reason! - Improved VU displays. - Updated INSTALL instructions and removed duplicates of this and COPYING in /src - detached part outputs from main volume and added clip indication in panel. - some more minor adjustments. - VU updates completed - and we're away! yoshimi-1.2.3 - Some more minor bug fixes. - INSTALL file now refers to V1.2.2 - Enabled saving audio destination in parameters file only relevant for jack output. - Ported SubSynth overtones feature from Zyn. 2.4.4 - Ported Unison phase randomisation control from Zyn. 2.4.4 - Added checkbox in 'Settings' to allow a MIDI program change to enable a part if it was previously disabled. - Ported AddSynth & SubSynth processing enhancements from Zyn. 2.4.4 - Changed part's key limit from a list to a spinner so you can set any value up to the maximum poliphony - 5 This is error checked when parameter files are loaded. - Changed unison size from a list to an enable button and spinner giving you finer grained control. Values that match ZynAddSubFX are highlighted for compatibilty - Added experimental 'naturalise' small random detune feature at note-on. - Performed lots of tiny optimsations. - Disabled part audio out selection if not running jack. - Put some more info in Docs - much more to do! - Updated copyright notices. - Temporarily disabled ALSA MIDI auto connect till I can find out why it crashes - seems it's never worked. yoshimi-1.2.2 - Started some documentation. Much more needed! - Improved config saving. I think we're there now :) - Fixed bug that caused segfault if MIDI voice changed with no GUI. - Fixed bug that stopped MIDI bank change with no GUI. - Added panel option to direct a part's audio to only main, only part or both. - Cleaned up panel display. - Added memory lock to jack ringbuffer (probably not needed). - Restored PADsynth highlights and made them more distinct. - Refined PADsynth and general boolean XML detection a little. - Enabled reporting to console. It doesn't seem to affect CPU usage. - Improved error reporting for missing bank or program. - Added Test directory with MIDI and Rosegarden bank and program change files. - Reinstated gzip compression on voice and parameter files. - Added compression level to settings. 0 = plain XML save. - Bug fix. Controllers window would sometimes freeze - thanks to Rob Couto for the fix. - Added appdata as requested in the sourceforge features tickets. - Revised 'make install' to make sure everything goes to the right place. - Changed position of Pitch bend roller in Vkeyboard to make things clearer. - Small update to Will_Godfrey_Companion bank. - Reinstated part Pan Depth control, but calling it Pan Width as that's more descriptive. yoshimi-1.2.1 - Added alternative robot icon as an SVG. Thanks to Andrew Ter-Grigoryan - Added option to enable a part if not already enabled, when doing a MIDI program change. - Set Vkeyboard default velocity to 100 same as for ZynAddSubFX. - Stopped settings asking twice about saving. Will do more on this! - Rationalised linker flags. - Added drumkits from Dario Straulino. yoshimi-1.2.0 Added circle and spike AddSynth Waveshapes. Added MIDI bank and program change. Bank change can be selected as MSB, LSB or disabled. Included CC for patches 128 to 160. Also CC selectable and can be disabled. Finally resolved trailing zeros in detune bug. Fixed microtonal saving bug. Corrected parameter loading regression (that mainly affected the Overdrive sound). Corrected regression that stopped the -K option autoconnecting Other small bug fixes. Added and updated voice patches. Special thanks to Kristian Amlie and Tito Latini yoshimi-1.1.0 * Optimization patches provided by Kristian Amlie. * Added The Mysterious Bank by Florian Dupeyron aka My?terious. * Virtual keyboard AZERTY patch, thanks to David Adler. * Yoshimi has shiny new knobs! Thanks to Alessandro Preziosi aka licnep. * Multiple JACK outputs implementation by Andrew Deryabin. * Expand state file path before any check by Nikita Zlobin. * Some minor cosmetic changes (placement of Close buttons, resized the panel window). yoshimi-1.0.0 * In memory of Alan Calvert who passed away exactly one year ago. Cal, we're pretty sure it's only angel horns you hear and no devil trombones! * Modified INSTALL file and added instructions on how to build Yoshimi outside the source tree. Thanks to Jimmy for the instructions. * Previously when microtonal loaded .xsz files, it did not convert the tunings back into their x.y format, which was displayed to the user, this patch corrects this mistake. Thanks to Mark McCurry for the patch. * Renamed Yoshimi icon. * Applied patch from SourceForge ticket #3487751 (Simplify desktop file and install it and the icon file). Thanks to Tim harder for this patch. * Yoshimi likes GCC >= 4.7 again. yoshimi-0.060.12 * Fix for the keyshift/microtonal issue, patch provided by RPD (Rob). Thanks! yoshimi-0.060.11 * Fix empty functions, fluid no longer produces (empty) implementations for totally empty functions in .fl files. More info: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=633476 and http://www.fltk.org/str.php?L2259 Thanks to Frank Kober for pointing out this issue and thanks for the patch. * Dynamically switching to legato mode using a footswitch has been made possible by Kristian Amlie. Thanks for the patch! * Renamed Yoshimi icon file in the desktop directory and modified desktop file accordingly. Packagers, please use this icon file, it has been designed specifically for Yoshimi. If anything needs to be changed in order to have this icon included please let me know Jeremy Jongepier <jeremy@autostatic.com> yoshimi-0.060.10 COPYING file updated yoshimi-0.060.9 licence anomalies corrected. yoshimi-0.060.8 Nothing too adventurous, just an incremental advance on 0.058.1 adding Paul's Unison and Reverb enhancements, jack session support, panning inversion corrections and assorted other tweaks and bug fixes.
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