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If you want the latest and (hopefully) greatest, click on the 'code' tab and then 'Download Snapshot'. This will give you a tarball of the current development version. We are now posting only the latest updates here, the full changelog is within the tarball. yoshimi-1.3.0 - Made LV2 plugin ON by default - Removed command line control. The reason: useless, not thread-safe code - Just a few GUI improvements - Made support for variable length runs. This provides sample-accurate midi processing for offline rendering and lv2 plugin. - Removed strict requirements of Subnote on 8x multiple buffer size. Adopted SUBnote::filter() method for variable-length runs - Initial LV2 plugin support (OFF by default)! Tested in MusE, Ardour 3, Carla and qtractor - works both plugin and gui. - replaced all calls to lrint() with (int)truncf(). When fesetround(FE_TOWARDZERO) was called, lrintf() behaves exactly as (int)truncf() with that difference, that (int)truncf() returns always the same result not depending on external factors. - Made command line control for yoshimi instances (OFF by default) - Added error message if midi bank changs too close - Ported portamento rate and depth to controllers from Zyn. - Added state interface support for lv2 interface. now saving/restoring yoshimi lv2 plugin settings works. - Added per instance ability to change panel window between 2x8 or 1x16. Haven't decided on best way to store setting. - Fixed bug in wide panel window. - panel settings saved to yoshimi.config. - patch provided by xnakos fixes part enable sync between panel and main window. This revealed it wasn't done properly for MIDI so that's been added too. - removed spammy default midi messages. - patch provided by xnakos to fix bug in Simple Sound representation. - better resolution yoshimi icon. - instrument updates. - separated out examples from presets and put in their own directory. - a few more GUI adjustments.
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