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YEST SCRIPT 1.14 RELEASE - README Features: This is called "yest" because the default is to output yesterday´s date. This utility knows about leap year, daylight savings time, and such variations. This utility adds or subtracts days, hours, and/or minutes from a given date, and outputs the result in the specified format. The default, if no adjustment is specified, is "-1d" (subtract one day). Yest supports most date(1) format codes as well as a few of its own. Particularly interesting is the "%L" (last day of the month) token. Finding the last day of the month has always been a problem in Unices. This is an update to the very original korn shell script. Yest was rewritten in C to make it very fast and to add features. However, I understand that in some environments, due to security or other factors, it is too difficult to install a compiled program. This script is, essentially, a drop-in replacement for the compiled version. It may be slower, especially for larger adjustment values, and it is lacking the %q (daylight savings), %s (epoch seconds) and %Z (timezone) functions. Installation: o If you downloaded the tar file, untar the source code: $ tar -xvzf yest-script-1.14.tgz o Rename the file $ mv yest-script-1.14 yest o Change the file mod bits: $ chmod 755 yest o That's it!
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