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This distribution contains makefiles for VMS. It is a very preliminary release and many tests have still to be done. The compilation was tested with -OpenVMS Alpha 7.2-1 -DECC 6.2 -Compaq C++ 6.2 -DECWindows 1.2-5 -GTK1.2.8 (for wxGTK) To get everything compiled you'll need to have installed prior to compiling wxWidgets: -Bison get it from http://www.openvms.digital.com/freeware/ You'll have to fix the following bug: add the following 3 lines in BISON.SIMPLE #elif __VMS #include <stdlib.h> #define alloca malloc before #endif /* __hpux */ -Flex get it from http://www.openvms.digital.com/freeware/ -Sed get it from http://www.openvms.digital.com/freeware/ -sys$library:libjpeg.olb (from ftp://ftp.uu.net/graphics/jpeg/ ) add /name=(as_is,short) to CFLAGS in the descrip.mms file don't forget to mms/descrip=Makefile/macro="ALPHA=1" -sys$library:libpng.olb & sys$library:libz.olb (from http://www.cdrom.com/pub/png/pngcode.html ) add /name=(as_is,short) to CFLAGS in the descrip.mms of both png and zlib -sys$library:libtiff.olb (from: ftp://ftp.sgi.com/graphics/tiff/ ) - add /name=(as_is,short) to the C_COMPILE variable in MAKVMS.COM - the following patch is needed in the tiff3.4 distribution: polka-jj) diff TIFFCOMP.H;3 TIFFCOMP.H;1 ************ File $DISK2:[JOUKJ.PUBLIC.TIFF.TIFF.LIBTIFF]TIFFCOMP.H;3 97 #ifndef HAVE_UNISTD_H 98 #define HAVE_UNISTD_H 1 99 #endif 100 #endif ****** File $DISK2:[JOUKJ.PUBLIC.TIFF.TIFF.LIBTIFF]TIFFCOMP.H;1 97 #define HAVE_UNISTD_H 1 98 #endif ************ ************ File $DISK2:[JOUKJ.PUBLIC.TIFF.TIFF.LIBTIFF]TIFFCOMP.H;3 108 #if !defined(SEEK_SET) && defined( HAVE_UNISTD_H ) 109 #include <unistd.h> ****** File $DISK2:[JOUKJ.PUBLIC.TIFF.TIFF.LIBTIFF]TIFFCOMP.H;1 106 #if !defined(SEEK_SET) && HAVE_UNISTD_H 107 #include <unistd.h> ************ -X11:libxpm.olb ( from ftp://koala.inria.fr/pub/xpm/ ) add /name=(as_is,short) to cc_defs in the descrip.mms file -GTK & VMS Porting library (only needed for wxGTK) ( from http://www.openvms.digital.com/openvms/products/ips/gtk.html ) -Redefine the logical SYS$LIBRARY in such a way that it also points to the includefile/library directories of the above packages: i.e. $ define sys$library sys$sysroot:[syslib],- $disk2:[joukj.public.xpm.xpm.lib],- $disk2:[joukj.public.jpeg.jpeg],- $disk2:[joukj.public.png.libpng],- $disk2:[joukj.public.tiff.tiff.libtiff],- $disk2:[joukj.public.png.zlib],- $disk2:[joukj.public.gtk.gtk.glib],- $disk2:[joukj.public.gtk.gtk.glib.gthread],- $disk2:[joukj.compaq.porting_library.dist.include] -redefine the logical X11 in such a way that also points to the xpm-distribution. i.e. $ define/nolog X11 $disk2:[joukj.public.xpm.xpm.lib],decw$include -for wxGTK you'll have to redefine SYS$SHARE to compile and run the applications. i.e. $ ass $disk2:[joukj.public.gtk.gtk.glib],- $disk2:[joukj.public.gtk.gtk.glib.gmodule],- $disk2:[joukj.public.gtk.gtk.gtk.gdk],- $disk2:[joukj.public.gtk.gtk.gtk.gtk],- $disk2:[joukj.compaq.porting_library.dist.lib],- sys$sysroot:[syslib] sys$share -At the moment you'll have to hack the [.src.common]descrip.mms file to include the right location of bison/flex and sed, but i intend to make this better in future. -The following is a work-around a include file bug which occurs on some versions of VMS. If you get lib$get_current_invo_context undefined while linking you'll have to add "lib$get_current_invo_context"="LIB$GET_CURR_INVO_CONTEXT" in [.src.unix]descrip.mms to CXX_DEFINE. and recompile wxWidgets. -Some versions of the CC compiler give warnings like %CC-W-CXXKEYWORD, "bool" is a keyword in C++ .... when compiling if You encounter these, replace mms by mms/ignore=warning in the following -Now build everything using one of the following mms mms gtk mms motif in the main directory of the distribution. Without an argument both wxGTK and wxMOTIF are built. The libraries are built in the [.lib] directory. All the samples I tried are built automatically. -I think in general wxGTK is better maintained, so that version is my first choice. -Note that only a few people have used wxWidgets on VMS so many problems are to be expected. -Many thanks for testing and reporting problems to: -Walter Braeu -Known problems : wxMOTIF : -The calendar sample puts the boxes of the month and year selection on top of each other. -The caret sample: sometimes a non blinking caret remains in the window. -checklist sample: There is no way to check/uncheck since this box is missing -conftest sample: The boxes in the window are too small to display texts with the fonts specified. -controls sample: radiobox does not appear on the screen -Some samples crash due to colour allocation problems i.e. -drawing,image wxGTK : -In the calendar sample options can only be switched on and not off again. -image sample: after clicking "about" the colourmap is permanently changed resulting in strange images Finally : I like the idea of Robert Roebling that CD's with classical music should be send to the authors. >-----------------------------------------------------------------------------< Jouk Jansen joukj@hrem.stm.tudelft.nl Technische Universiteit Delft tttttttttt uu uu ddddddd Nationaal centrum voor HREM tttttttttt uu uu dd dd Rotterdamseweg 137 tt uu uu dd dd 2628 AL Delft tt uu uu dd dd Nederland tt uu uu dd dd tel. 31-15-2781536 tt uuuuuuu ddddddd >-----------------------------------------------------------------------------<
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