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WhiteStarUMLsetup-5.5.5.exe contains the installer for the software, this is the recommended download. Fixed problems with the non string based Tagged Values. New GoTo Submenu added to the context view of models to navigate to attachments and classifiers of instance type models. Fixed scrolling/scalling with mouse wheel and horizontal scroll with Shift pressed added. Text in guard in Combined Fragments will appear on top of graphical elements. The main window should no longer try to appear on a disconnected monitor. Problem with opening dialog windows on systems with multiple monitors was fixed. Issue with the main window always staying in the backgound when child windows are undocked is fixed. However now the main window may completely cover child windows. Handling units was updated and now they can be loaded and unloaded in a running program. There is also "General - Auto Load Unit" option to handle the default behavior. Relations in Collection Editor may be sorted by column and the related model may be located. Tagged values and options inspectors allow editing single line values in place. Stereotype names can now contains brackets. Compiler was updated to version XE5. Attachments are updated if attached model is renamed. Workspace may be zoomed with Ctrl + Mouse wheel. Tagged values can be now edited with multi-line editor. Old Java module (1.4) is not installed anymore and should be fully replaced by the newer 1.5. New function "Find Diagrams with Selected Model" added to Model Explorer's context menu. Fixed generation of static data members and const functions in the C++ module. Bug preventing reading files with error "Incorrect typecast" is fixed. Decimal separator in Option can be now set for both reading and writing files. Input grammars accept now embedded delimiters for type definitions (but be aware of conflict of '>>' with stereotype declaration). View of Signal Accept State in Activity Diagram corrected. Annotation line style may be modified using Format menu. All instance type entities (like objects or node instances) may have their classifier specified using 'instance : classifier' syntax in the input line. Creating a new item in Collection Editor starts edition automatically. It is possible using the Options settings to configure decimal separator character to make it possible to move model between systems with different locales. About dialog better scales for modified DPI values. Line from Annotation can be moved and resized. All apostrophe types should be accepted by the input parser now. Word Wrap can be now set by default in Tools - Options - General View. All Registry access attempts should be now under branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER what should result in less frequent failures because of write access rights errors in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. GUI themes now can be changed at runtime, see View - UI Theme. It is possible now to scroll Model Explorer while dragging a model element. C# Reverse engineering converts now input files to version without BOM to be more compatible with source parses. Help files are updated and distributed with the main program (access with F1) thanks to the new project contributor Albert Zuurb. ERD Data Modeling profile is now fixed and integrated out of the box. Crash in XMI export is fixed. Submenu View-Toolbars is fixed. Problem with language reverting (if changed) to the system default one (unless you have Korean Office 2002 installed) fixed. The project binaries are digitally signed now, thanks to open source certificate from CERTUM ;) Documentation generator is back. Some glitches in Template Properties are fixed. Unicode names are fully functional now (see screenshots). Java 1.5 module by Frank Hernandez now is integrated out of the box. (Seen as Java 1.5 profile.) If Diagram layout does not work you may need to install Redistributable Package for Visual C++ 2008 SP1. WhiteStarUML-NoInstall-5.5.5.zip contains the build that can be used without running full installer using Registration Free COM. As various scripts still need to find ProgIds in the system registry to get full funcionnality running short batch files for installation (install.bat) and uninstallation (uninstall.bat) will be required. WhiteStarUMLsrc-5.5.5.zip contains source files for the project. To build it you will need Delphi XE5 or later and recent versions of following components: Virtual TreeView (Not later than 5.1.3) JEDI library ExpressBars This list is shorter than the one for the original StarUML ;)
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