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============================================================ WDB - Water and Weather Database System ============================================================ Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no) Box 43 Blindern 0313 OSLO NORWAY email: wdb@met.no WDB is a database system for storage and retrieval of weather and water observations and forecasts. It handles both gridded data (raster) and point data. The WDB system consists of a significant number of components, not all of which are likely to be of interest for every user. Components ============ wdb ------------ This is the WDB core, consisting of the database itself as well as various common libraries. metadata-wdb-metno ------------ The WDB code includes a basic set of metadata sufficient for simple data operations and testing. The metno metadata package sets up the namespace for met.no metadata (88) in the database and adds data providers, place definitions, and parameters that are specific to this name space. wdb-libwdbload ------------ This is the common library for loading data into the database. Most of the WDB loading programs utilize the functions offered by this library. wdb-gribLoad ------------ This is a loading program that can be used to load GRIB files using the ECMWF GRIB API. wdb2ts ------------ This is an Apache module that can be set up to return data from WDB through a REST interface on the internet. WDB2TS can return data as comma-seperated text or using MOX (a GML-based XML schema).
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