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=============================================================================== Packaging changes =============================================================================== As of 2014-03-22, Cygwin packages have been moved into a custom repository directory. See http://www.virtualgl.org/Documentation/Cygwin for more details. =============================================================================== Documentation for this release =============================================================================== is provided in the binary packages or at: http://www.virtualgl.org/vgldoc/2_2_1/ =============================================================================== Significant changes since 2.2 =============================================================================== [1] A 64-bit version of the VirtualGL Client for Exceed is now fully supported. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2] Fixed a severe readback performance problem that occurred whenever an application set the render mode to GL_SELECT and called glFlush() while doing front buffer rendering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3] vglserver_config will now work properly whenever vglgenkey is installed in a directory other than /usr/bin or /opt/VirtualGL/bin, as long as vglgenkey is installed in the same directory as vglserver_config. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4] vglconnect now allows the user to specify the directory in which VirtualGL binaries are installed on the server, rather than always assuming that they are in /opt/VirtualGL/bin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5] Fixed issues with vglconnect.bat that occurred when it was installed under c:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows systems and invoked with the -x or -s options. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [6] Clarified the documentation of the VGL_DISPLAY option and documented how to use VirtualGL with multiple graphics cards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [7] VirtualGL will no longer die if glXDestroyContext() is passed a NULL argument. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [8] Fixed a BadWindow error that would occur whenever a 3D application attempted to call glXSwapIntervalSGI() (specifically, this was observed when running Direct3D applications using WINE 1.3.11 or later.) The nVidia GLX implementation requires that a window be current (not a Pbuffer) when calling glXSwapIntervalSGI(), so VirtualGL now interposes that function and makes it a noop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [9] Fixed an issue whereby, if a 3D application set GL_{RED|GREEN|BLUE|ALPHA}_SCALE or GL_{RED|GREEN|BLUE|ALPHA}_BIAS to non-default values, the colors would appear wrong when running the application in VirtualGL, and the readback performance would be very slow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [10] Fixed an issue whereby 3D applications that requested an overlay visual would fail with BadRequest or other X11 errors if the 2D X Server lacked GLX support (as is the case with TurboVNC.) This was caused by the fact that VirtualGL passes through glXChooseVisual() and related calls to the 2D X Server if it detects that an overlay visual is being requested. Now, VirtualGL will first check that the 2D X Server supports GLX before passing through those calls. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [11] vglclient -kill and vglclient -killall now work (again) in the Exceed client. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================================================================== Packaging changes =============================================================================== [1] Building against libjpeg-turbo 1.1.1 pre-release, which fixes visual artifacts in JPEG quality levels 98 or higher, visual artifacts in grayscale JPEG compression caused by a typo in the RGB-to-luminance lookup tables, and a 1-pixel error in row 0, column 21 of the luminance plane generated by the YUV encoder (which is used in VirtualGL's YUV and XV transports.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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