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Packaging changes ================= As of 2014-03-22, Cygwin packages have been moved into a custom repository directory. See http://www.libjpeg-turbo.org/Documentation/Cygwin for more details. Significant changes since 1.1.0 =============================== [1] Fixed a 1-pixel error in row 0, column 21 of the luminance plane generated by tjEncodeYUV(). [2] libjpeg-turbo's accelerated Huffman decoder previously ignored unexpected markers found in the middle of the JPEG data stream during decompression. It will now hand off decoding of a particular block to the unaccelerated Huffman decoder if an unexpected marker is found, so that the unaccelerated Huffman decoder can generate an appropriate warning. [3] Older versions of MinGW64 prefixed symbol names with underscores by default, which differed from the behavior of 64-bit Visual C++. MinGW64 1.0 has adopted the behavior of 64-bit Visual C++ as the default, so to accommodate this, the libjpeg-turbo SIMD function names are no longer prefixed with an underscore when building with MinGW64. This means that, when building libjpeg-turbo with older versions of MinGW64, you will now have to add -fno-leading-underscore to the CFLAGS. [4] Fixed a regression bug in the NSIS script that caused the Windows installer build to fail when using the Visual Studio IDE. [5] Fixed a bug in jpeg_read_coefficients() whereby it would not initialize cinfo->image_width and cinfo->image_height if libjpeg v7 or v8 emulation was enabled. This specifically caused the jpegoptim program to fail if it was linked against a version of libjpeg-turbo that was built with libjpeg v7 or v8 emulation. [6] Eliminated excessive I/O overhead that occurred when reading BMP files in cjpeg. [7] Eliminated errors in the output of cjpeg on Windows that occurred when the application was invoked using I/O redirection (cjpeg <inputfile >output.jpg).
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