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Readme TrueCrypt One Click Mount Simple script for mounting TrueCrypt Volumes By Nick Jones - 18th 11 '09 nickisgod666@gmail.com - Email Nickinator.Skype - Skype cpt_undies@yahoo.com.au - MSN Messenger http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=944036 Simply modify the script to suit your needs, double click and select Run in Termial. Change "truecryptvolume" to the name of your volume, by default you will not need to do the full adress if it's in the same folder as this. Remember, capitals matter! as does / if you use \ it won't work. If it is in another location, replace "truecryptvolume" to say "/home/nick/notthingbadfolder/nothingbad.file" The same applies for the keyfile.
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